Koenigsegg Regera revealed in Red Carbon

Article by Christian A., on February 21, 2017

Ever since the Regera premiered in 2016, Koenigsegg has been firm about increasing its coverage around the globe. Part of the idea was to ask its employees in Angelholm to customize the Regera and share the hybrid’s magnificence to everyone else.

To begin with, the Swedish supercar manufacturer gave them the freedom to configure a Regera according to their own taste. The designs that they are going to make are not real and also are not officially part of the series. It’s purely just for fun but Koenigsegg plans on coming up with an online configurator for everyone to enjoy. In the meantime, let’s see what the Angelholm guys have been doing in their free time.

According to Swedish automaker, this week belongs to the electrification big boss himself. To prove it, Jonas, Koenigsegg’s Electrification engineer had chosen a red and black combination for the 1,500 hp hybrid. Then it rotates every week so that every company executive gets the chance to showcase his specced Regera.

Before this, there is one from Steven Wade from the communications department which had the same exotic Regera in purple finish. Wade’s purple toy is actually his tribute to eighties pop icon -- Prince. Angelholm’s prototype engineer meanwhile came up with a battleship Grey while an elegant Burgundy shade was chosen by Johan, the company’s sales director.

Interestingly, Johan’s burgundy was inspired by the French red wine with a combination of French cappuccino for the interior. For the exterior, he simply chose a Bordeaux tinted carbon finish from the configuration options. There is also Lisa, the art director who came up with an all-black Regera with red interior to match. The list goes on.

If you think you haven’t seen enough yet, well no worries. These guys will be showcasing more in the weeks to come. Just like for this week. Jonas’ Koenigsegg red and black Regera had surfaced on the Internet. The red one by theory is not painted but instead comes with a carbon tint finish. The black carbon trim comes with white stripes while hidden under the Tresex hollow carbon fiber wheels are the totally blacked-out brake calipers.

Aside from its aluminum center console in black, the interior has been dressed up mostly in the same color particularly for the leather upholstery. Nonetheless, the black leather comes with red stitching in between for contrasting design.

The previous week, the top exec from the prototype engineering team had applied the optional aerodynamics package onto his configuration. Jonas had used exactly the same specs for this week except for the choice of colors. So there. It’s going to be an exciting mishmash of old and new ideas in the weeks to come. Watch out for more.

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