Koenigsegg updates the Agera hypercar

Article by Christian A., on March 9, 2012

Koenigsegg launched the 2013 Agera at the Geneva Motor Show, unveiling eight new features that are simply awesome. The Agera R models of the Swedish exotic automaker use the world’s first hollow, one-piece carbon fiber wheel. Koenigsegg has developed this distinctive wheel via a proprietary method named Aircore Technology.

These new wheels will save 44 lbs in unsprung mass. Actually, the tire valve is the only metal part on the entire wheel. The world’s first production engines with nano-surfaced cylinder sleeves are offered in both the Agera and the Agera R.

The other modifications that enhance the performance changes include a newly developed engine management system, a slight increase for the rev limiter from 7250-rpm to 7500-rpm, and a power increase from 940-hp to 960-hp on 93-octane fuel or 1115-hp to 1140-hp on E85. For its suspension, Koenigsegg has partnered with Öhlins Racing again.

Another feature that will enter production is Koenigsegg’s unique Triplex suspension, enabling it to be performed apart before it becomes standard in the 2013 Agera. All Koenigsegg models will use the Koenigsegg Electronic Stability (KES) as standard later on.

The changes to further make this supercar even lighter are a new, lighter rear-exhaust section for the Agera R – that also helps improve the performance of the rear diffuser. Drag is reduced due to the new front/side winglets will provide additional downforce for the Agera R.

Going inside the Koenigsegg Agera, one is likely to experience what is known as the Ghost Light. This new interior illumination is the first of its kind in the automotive industry and was developed by none other than Koenigsegg. What this light does is make use of invisible nanotubes in order to illuminate the surfaces and the billet aluminum buttons.

This makes the symbols clearer in addition to having a stylish and clean appearance. All of these are framed by the tunnel assembly and the center console made of carbon fiber. On the part of the driver, any information needed can easily be shown on the front through the multi-info cluster which has the improved infotainment display. Aside from the usual functions, it includes compasses, music, satellite navigation, lap-timer, power meters, or G force meters, to name a few.

The driver can then use the data to adapt to the present driving conditions. These can cover anything from going in laps in a racing circuit, driving through the city, going across the country, to simply cruising on the highway. Other features aside from technological equipment are the seams and stitching which gives the interior that beautiful fluidity.

On the exterior, the width of the Agera’s front section is the same as that of the rear end. Because of this, body roll is minimized while balancing at corners is more than excellent. When it comes to braking technology, Agera is equipped with the latest technologies to deliver not just unmatched braking performance but even zero fade regardless of what the current condition of the road is.

Helping make this possible is the ABS system, which is adjustable, and the drilled and ventilated ceramic discs measuring 392x36 and 380x34. Both of these have been incorporated to the braking system as well. By optimizing the breathing and putting in the twin turbo, the petrol-based engine allows for power amounting to 910 hp. Top torque meanwhile is at 1,100 Nm which is available at 5,100 rpm. Even then, at least 1,000 Nm of the torque is already accessible from a low of 2,680 rpm to a high of 6,100 rpm.

Another addition is the traction control which is considered as having the fastest reaction in this industry. There is even an auto adapt functionality to make sure that the Agera can be driven on various road conditions. This functionality can even adapt to the different driving styles in addition to the manual settings.

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