Two new Lamborghini Centenarios have landed on US soil

Article by Christian A., on June 2, 2017

Enthusiasts know that in the automotive world, beauty (and power) always comes with a price – a very big price, at that. The Lamborghini Centenario is an example. Considering its beauty and power, the Centenario has a right for an expensive price tag. It gets more expensive when you factor in its exclusivity as only 40 examples will be available worldwide. Twenty units of this exclusive hypercar come as coupes, while the other twenty are convertibles. Come to think of it, with its price and a limited number of units available [worldwide], it will be quite rare to spot any one of these in just any ordinary neighborhood.

Last May, we’ve learned of the whereabouts of one Centenario, which is apparently flaunting its stunning bare carbon fiber exterior featuring blue accents in California – and our first time to spot the car not in is usual carbon fiber and yellow finish. Now, just a few weeks from this first sighting, two more examples have been spotted in the stateside. Photos of the said vehicles have already circulated online, leaving us jaw-slacked by its beauty.

The first of the latest two examples comes in Nuovo Giallo Orion yellow finish with carbon fiber accents – yet again, forgoing its usual carbon fiber body. The said majestic creation landed into U.S. soil just a few months after the first sighting, and it was delivered fresh to Lamborghini Beverly Hills to await its owner.

Completing what seems to be a primary color pattern amongst these U.S.-based Lamborghini Centenarios is the second latest example. Dressed in bare carbon fiber featuring red accents, the car was delivered to New Jersey, particularly at the Lamborghini Paramus. Just like the other two examples, the car also comes with a 759-horsepower (565-kilowatt) V12 engine and an acceleration time of 2.8 seconds in zero to 60 mph.

The Lamborghini Centenario is an ode to the celebration of the 100th birthday of Lamborghini’s founder, Ferrucio Lamborghini. Each of which comes with a golden price tag of $1.9 million.

So far, as many as nine examples have been discovered to have been distributed to various dealerships all over the world. In the UK, for example, a bare carbon fiber and orange accented Centenario was spotted while a bare carbon fiber in yellow accents found its way to Lamborghini’s Asia-Pacific region days before the UK-based unit.

As to exactly how many of each type will make its way to dealers, we’re not so sure yet. But rumor has it that only four Centenario coupes will make its way into the U.S. which means that if we do the math, there’s one more to Centenario out there waiting for its turn to graze the U.S. soil. We’re not even sure of the exact location as to where this supposed-last U.S. Centenario will be, but we will be waiting for its arrival.

Also, information regarding the whereabouts of the other twenty Centenario convertibles are yet to be released by Lamborghini which is also raising the excitement of fans worldwide. We’re crossing our fingers, hoping that some of these exclusive convertibles find its way into the stateside. So many reasons to be excited for the rest of the year, don’t you agree? Stay tuned!

Source: Lamborghini Beverly Hills, Lamborghini Paramus via lamboparamus

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