Lamborghini CEO decry crackdown on its vehicle owners in Italy

Article by Christian A., on April 8, 2014

A campaign by the Italian government targeting against tax evaders has affected sales of Lamborghini in the country, chief executive Stephan Winkelmann told Automotive News Europe. Italian finance police are particularly hunting people driving supercars. They report their supercar sightings to their headquarters, which in turn notifies tax authorities, who will then verify that the supercar owners' tax filings show that they can afford such a high-priced vehicle.

Winkelmann told Automotive News Europe that some of their customers have been flagged by cops while driving, which make them feel hunted. Winkelmann remarked that the crackdown on tax evaders during a time of financial crisis sends the wrong message, “especially against a high-end luxury icon that brings the ‘Made in Italy’ label around the world."

Winkelmann said things could change under the government of new Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who took office Feb. 22, 2014. He told Automotive News Europe that they have been told that the new government plans to provide some tax relief.

The new government recently said last week that it is selling off 170 upscale models used to transport state officials to work and other places – among them nine Maserati Quattroporte of the defense ministry.

Automobili Lamborghini is making a significant move to the future: with the newly engineered Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4, the descendant of the extremely popular Gallardo. The Italian super sports car maker is reimagining the standard for this group. With its wholesome and outright design, awesome aerodynamics, and superior quality, the Huracán provides an unrivalled sports car feel.

It perfectly combines impressive execution with a personality suitable for use every day; its wide array of new advancements functions concurrently in a completely integrated way. Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, confirms that Lamborghini is setting the stage for the next era in its celebrated history with the Huracán.

With 14,022 vehicles manufactured, the Gallardo is Lamborghini’s most successful model ever produced. For the entirety of its decade-long production, the Gallardo took the company completely into a new element. In genuine Lamborghini practice, the heir to the Gallardo also got its moniker from the bullfighting world: Huracán was a fighting bull that was from Spain’s Conte de la Patilla breed. It fought in Alicante in August 1879 and was known for his uncompromising character, making him unbeatable.

On creating the Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4, the brand is bringing its perfectionist, undeniable design motif to a completely all-new level of evolution. The design is audacious and unconventional, with handsomely sculpted shapes.

The beginning place for the designing procedure was with the profile of the Huracán's. The aim was to identify the vehicle through just one line extending from the front, over the passenger section, and then to the back. The windows on the sides take a hexagon shape, making them look like gems set into the silhouette of the automobile. Also, at night, the vehicle is utterly distinctive: All the lights, including the head lights, LED beams, are all absolutely the best in the super sports car group.

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