Lamborghini CEO expects the Urus SUV to get cleared for production

Article by Christian A., on September 26, 2013

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann is confident that the Urus SUV Concept will be approved for production. This SUV was introduced at the Beijing auto show last year. Winkelmann made this statement last week on the day of the opening of its showroom in Tokyo. He said that this SUV will be “good for the brand.”

However, he won’t divulge details yet. In late 2012, Lamborghini and Bentley presented prototype SUVS to parent Volkswagen Group. But then, Volkswagen gave the green light only to Bentley. Luxury brands received encouragement to supersize their vehicles partly from the success of the Porsche Cayenne. It can be recalled that in 1993, Lamborghini discontinued the LM002 SUV (its last SUV) after an unsuccessful effort to build military vehicles.

In April 2012, Winkelmann said that if the new concept SUV enters production, it could arrive in the market in 2016 or 2017. Just last week, Winkelmann said that the company is focusing on some of its more established markets as the high-end luxury demand in China slows down. He added that Lamborghini’s biggest growth potential lies in Japan, the Middle East and the U.S.

The Chinese government has launched a campaign to control lavish spending as its economic growth slows down. It’s estimated by McKinsey & Co. that luxury industry sales growth in the country could drop to as little as 12% each year in the three years to 2015, after achieving an average of 27% between 2008 and 2012.

In 2012, Lamborghini announced that it expects to sell 3,000 a year for the SUV if it is produced. It considers its main markets to be China, the U.S., Europe, Russia and the Middle East. The brand’s global deliveries increased to 2,083 cars in 2012 from 1,602 cars in 2011.

The Lamborghini design is one of a kind. Each Lamborghini is a fine art of avant-garde design, a technical creation in rapid motion. Each Lamborghini is immaculate and minimalist. Urus concept vehicle holds fast to this rationale just as firmly as the Aventador sports vehicle. Amazingly tight, razor-sharp lines characterize an accuracy that is at the very forefront of vehicle design. Also, the perfect, rigid, finely executed surfaces demonstrate the outstanding level of competence and experience controlled by Lamborghini in architecture, construction and bodyshell manufacturing. The outcome is an enormously accurate design language with a solid technical interest that is incredibly energetic and light in its expression.

It begins at the front, which already shows the unmistakable family resemblance. The solid three-dimensionality with sharp lines, a pure arrow form, huge air intakes left and right, the Y shape in the headlamps, the aerodynamically enhanced function of the components and the lines that keep running from the hood above the roof to the rear of the vehicle - these attributes of the Lamborghini design language are all distinguishable in the Urus.

But each and every detail has been reinvented - for instance, the headlamps now take on a horizontal, heptagonal frame and highlight full LED innovation comprising two arrays each with three high-performance LEDs. LED light guides give the daytime running lights their trademark Y-shape, while the LED fog lamps are situated underneath the large air intakes. Between them is the flexible front spoiler.

A trademark for the side perspective of the Lamborghini Urus is the narrow window surface that reduces keenly toward the rear. Together with the highly dramatic roofline and the exceptionally bulky wheel arch, they make a rigid and potently energetic look. The marked indent shaped behind the front wheel arch by the air intake breaks the side view to render an astonishing level of lightness.

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