Lamborghini CEO says electric supercars may be possible

Article by Christian A., on March 25, 2017

Lamborghini has disclosed that it is looking into the possibility of releasing electric vehicles. With the Volkswagen Group revealing that it will be releasing electric vehicles within several years, there was the expectation that other automakers would follow suit. However, then Lamborghini CEO Stephen Winkelmann did not believe that the brand should go the way of electric vehicles and preferred to continue creating models that were gas-powered. All that could change though.

Appointed in March 2016, CEO Stefano Domenicali told Automotive News that he is interested in the brand’s plan to produce electric supercars. This however should not come as a surprise given that Lamborghini is in fact under the Volkswagen Group through the Audi division. With the parent company pushing for the creation of a range of hybrid vehicles and pure electric ones, it is possible that this would later trickle down to the Italian automaker that would then make a low-slung supercar.

In the same interview, CEO Domenicali said that while Lamborghini is indeed looking into electrification, customers should not expect anything in the short run. It is important, he added, to be realistic so if an electric Lamborghini model does get launched, it is likely going to happen some years from now.

Still, the company had confirmed previously that it will indeed be coming with a plug-in version of the Urus SUV. However, market release is projected to be sometime in 2020. This means that if the electric supercar does get made, it will be probably years after, in 2025 at the earliest.

Despite Lamborghini not yet committing to an electric version of its models, Audi has reported that it will go ahead and release electric versions in order to compete with rivals like Aston Martin and Mercedes-AMG, to name a few. In a report by Autocar, Audi CEO Rupert Stradler shared that before the decade is over, Audi will release either a hybrid hypercar or maybe a pure electric version. While Audi is still not sure on what technology to actually utilize, it is looking as well into the new technologies it can use, CEO Stradler added.

It was back in 2016 when Volkswagen Group first revealed plans of what it dubbed as the "Strategy 2025." Under this plan, the brand hopes to offer 20 new plug-in hybrid or electric cars by 2020. In addition, it also hopes to release a total 30 all-electric models by 2025.

For the electric cars in particular, VW will be making use of its MEB platform chassis. This will be the same architecture that many of its new models are expected to have mainly due to the flexibility and the fact that the battery is placed on the floor.

Based in Germany, as of 2016, Volkswagen Group is considered as the world's largest automaker with sales reaching an estimated 10.3 million units.

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