Lamborghini Huracan surprises travelers at Italy’s Bologna airport

Article by Christian A., on December 19, 2016

Being ushered by a Lamborghini Huracan is truly one of the greatest perks when travelling to Italy. At least, it will be in the several weeks to come. Lamborghini loaned the Huracan to the Bologna airport as its official “Follow Me” car at the runways. Its only task is to guide the aircraft around the terminals until January next year. Isn’t that sweet?

The very busy Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport is nestled at the centre of Italy’s “motor valley”. If giant tech companies like Google, Apple and Facebook have Silicon Valley, the Italians have “motor valley” for their famous cars. The headquarters of Ferrari, Pagani and Lamborghini are just about thirty minutes away from the Aeroporto di Bologna. Pagani has one HQ in Modena province while Ferrari also has one in Maranello. It is a big testament that you have arrived at the home of the most coveted cars at the very least.

Lamborghini’s in-house Centro Stile designed the Huracan’s “Follow Me livery” where much of it represents the northern city’s skyline. The front splitter has green, white and red or basically the Italian flag’s combination of colors. Aside from the mandatory light bar, the gorgeous livery also features a black chequered pattern that matches the Huracan’s yellow body paint.

Since average cars don’t hold much appeal at the airport grounds, a Lamborghini may be one of the tourist attractions the moment one arrives at the gate. The Lamborghini Huracan’s standard specs include a naturally aspirated V10 mid-engine, LDF (Doppia Frizione) dual clutch transmission and electronically controlled all wheel drive system. The mere sight and sound of this glorious beast will surely encourage tourists to visit “The Museo Lamborghini” in Sant'Agata any minute. And why not? It’s just 24.8 km away from the airport via Strada Provinciale di Crevalcore.

The Huracan is the second Lambo to be sent on duty at the commercial airline. Lamborghini did the same with an Aventador in 2013, but it only served for a week. In the previous years, the highway patrols have also received the famous Gallardos while the most recent was a Huracan, about a couple of years ago.

We have no idea at this time if the “Follow Me” vehicle is a four wheel or a two wheel drive variant. All the same, designated drivers are not allowed to race with the airplane or do some crazy stunts at the busy landing strip. Better yet, check out Lamborghini’s official Twitter account to see more pictures and updates of the yellow Huracan.

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