Lamborghini SUV might be launched in 2017, CEO Stephan Winkelmann says

Article by Christian A., on April 13, 2012

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann said that its SUV may be launched in 2017, according to a report last Thursday by German business daily Handelsblatt. But before that, Lamborghini wants to gauge public reaction to the concept on April 23 at the Beijing auto show. Handelsblatt said that to help make the brand profitable, this SUV would be a third model line together with the Gallardo and Aventador super cars.

Winkelmann said that high-margin luxury SUV segment considers China to be a key market. He added that in the mid- and long term, there has to be a third line. Handelsblatt said that this Lamborghini SUV would be the first model from the brand to be for daily use and not only for the race track or weekends.

He added that this is a chance to attract new customers. Since 2009, Lamborghini has been incurring losses and is currently being pressured by parent Volkswagen Group to be profitable.

Winkelmann said during the interview that parent VW will have to decide this year if it will permit the brand to make an SUV. He said that typically, a 48-month period passes before an all-new vehicle arrives at dealers. This means that the new Lamborghini won’t be available to be purchased before 2017.

Sources said that they’re sure that this SUV model will be approved for production. Just like Bentley (another VW brand), Lamborghini will be expanding into the super-luxury SUV market. These two brands can choose to use a new version of the VW Group platform that presently underpins the Audi Q7, VW Touareg and Porsche Cayenne.

Bentley hopes to launch this SUV within three years. It will be based on the EXP 9 F SUV concept that debuted last March at the Geneva auto show. In 2013, the Maserati brand of Fiat will start selling a production version of the Kubang concept seen at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show.

Considered as the Lamborghini of SUVs, the Urus is based on the concept that driving fun, performance, and design, should always be at the front and the center.

In addition, it manages to set new standards particularly for its rivals. Despite this, it offers enough space not only for four people to sit inside comfortably but also for luggage. Indeed, unlike other Lamborghini models, the Urus is a vehicle that is excellent for everyday use by the family or even by friends going out for fun. When it comes to performance, the most significant factor is the drive, which is at the middle of each Lamborghini model.

In this model, output is expected to be 600 hp (440 kW). Having said that, the permanent all-wheel drive that has traction control is included. Another objective that was set for the Urus is that CO2 emissions would be lower than its comparable competitors. It was also important to make sure that the model would have a lower weight compared to its rivals and this was possible by making sure it follows the lightweight design principle of the brand.

This included making use of a mix of materials not only for the bodyshell but also its structure. In addition, the systematic lightweight design was also implemented for the interior, a first for Lamborghini. Of course, carbon fiber technology is consistently applied all throughout. This is not a surprise considering that Automobili Lamborghini has long been known to have this particular expertise.

The most important detail however would be that the Urus is clearly a true Lamborghini given the unmistakable and highly distinct look. It has a powerful appearance without being bulky. While it is indeed sporty and muscular, the Urus remains to be elegant.

Given that the overall length is 4.99 meters, it is indeed part of the sporty SUV segment. However, given that the height is at 1.66 meters, it is lower compared to other models in the same class. Finally, with a width of 1.99 meters, this makes the Urus have the best proportions for a super athlete in this class.

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