Lamborghini trademarks the Huracan name

Article by Christian A., on May 1, 2012

Lamborghini has recently applied for a trademark for the Huracán, which means “hurricane” in Spanish. Its other pending trademark applications include Urus (the name eventually chosen for its SUV concept) and Deimos (which has yet to be unassigned). The Huracán word was adopted from ancient Mayan mythology where Huracan is the name for the god of fire, wind, and storms.

It actually isn’t so distant from Deimos, the ancient Greek god of terror and dread. None of these names are connected to bullfighting but this hasn’t stopped Lamborghini’s Matador Research Bureau.

Lamborghini isn’t the type of automaker that instantly applies for a trademark every time focus groups like a potential badge so it’s expected that the company will use these names even if it’s only for a concept car.

Nothing has been confirmed about the Huracán and Deimos names. The Urus badge will still be associated with the concept version of the SUV while Deimos and Huracán will go to the production SUV and Gallardo replacement.

What’s sure though is that Lamborghini wants to keep its lineup at only three vehicles as soon as the SUV arrives. If the Deimos or Huracán is dropped (or both), this won’t indicate that there will be a fourth model line.

Over the years, Automobili Lamborghini has released models that have experienced success. One of these is the Gallardo and given that 14,022 units have been made, many consider this to be the most successful model to come from the brand. With a production run totaling 10 years, the Gallardo managed to bring Lamborghini to new heights.

The various successes though have not stopped Lamborghini from taking a big step forward to the future. The first is the release of the Huracán LP 610-4, which the brand believes will set new standards in its class. This latest offering from the Italian manufacturer is able to offer customers a sports car experience that is truly unmatched through a combination of first-rate quality, impressive dynamics, and an absolute and pure design.

Given the wide-range of technologies equipped into this model and how each of them work well with the others, the Huracán is able to show the best performance combined with a quality that is perfect for daily use. In addition, Lamborghini also hopes that with the Huracán, it will be able to exhibit how it has managed to evolve its unique and purist design language to a whole new level.

Both edgy and bold, the design also displays shapes that have been beautifully sculpted. In coming up with the design, the brand revealed that they began with the profile. For the Huracán, the brand wanted a model that would be characterized by a single line which begins on the front section extending above the passenger cell before going all the way to the rear end.

The side windows were a factor as well as the hexagon shape gave it the appearance of a gem being set on the model’s silhouette. With the way the Huracán has been designed, it makes it easy to distinguish even at night. All of the lights, even the main headlamps, make use of LED, the first time such a technology was implemented in the super sports car class.

Aside from the design, the Huracán also shows that it continues to follow the tradition of the brand to use a name taken from the bullfighting world. Coming from the Spanish Conte de la Patilla breed, the Huracán was famous for the Alicante fight in August of 1879.

What made this breed invincible was its unwavering attribute. Talking about the new Huracán, Automobili Lamborghini President and CEO Stephan Winkelmann shared that through this model, the brand is showing customers that it has started what would be the next chapter in its already amazing history.

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