Lamborghini Urus SUV has good chance of entering production, CEO says

Article by Christian A., on April 27, 2012

The exotic Urus SUV Concept that Lamborghini has on display at the Beijing Auto Show has a “good chance” of entering production, according to Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann. A sneak peek of the four-seat concept was given to journalists as the New York auto show was about to close. Company executives said that it’s likely that the Urus will go on sale within 3.5 years.

The economic downturn had resulted to the axing of the project to build the Lamborghini's 2008 Estoque sedan concept but the Urus may have a different fate since it has the “highest emotion” and the greatest potential to grow. Winkelmann also said that entering the SUV segment is the “right” one for the company and so it is banking on the model’s profitability.

He said that the SUV will borrow parts of Volkswagen Group's SUV platform, which is used by both the Porsche Cayenne and the Bentley EXP 9 F. The Urus isn’t like other Lamborghinis that have limited use. Winkelmann describes it as a “daily driver” for several households. Lamborghini's r&d chief Maurizio Reggiani said that the SUV uses several rear suspension parts and powertrain items that could also be found in other VW Group vehicles. The Urus will feature a 600-hp version of the 5.0-liter V-10 engine in the Gallardo.

In addition, it has the front suspension and transmission tunnel that’s distinctively Lamborghini. It even has the permanent all-wheel-drive system of the brand. He added that the vehicle will use more carbon fiber, making it weigh 220 pounds less than competitive vehicles. This concept uses hefty 305/35R24 tires. The Urus is expected to have global sales of 3,000 units, which will more than double the volume of Lamborghini.

In particular, about 45% of sales are expected to come from North America and South America, 30% from China and the Middle East, and 25% in Europe and Russia. Reggiani said that Lamborghini's plant in Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy, may not be able to handle all Urus production. However, this plant will be where final assembly and customization would take place.

A vehicle that has all-wheel drive has long been one of the qualities that made the Sant'Agata Bolognese-based Lamborghini unique. The brand first joined the super-luxury SUV class when it released the now famous LM002. Presented back in 1986, this model was considered by many as truly revolutionary. The LM002 could be driven off-road easily and was equipped with a 12-cylinder engine having output of 450 hp, resulting in maximum speed of at least 210 km/h.

What truly made this model exceptional was the fact that it had an impressive exterior while showcasing a luxurious interior, a combination not seen during this time. Despite production lasting only until 1992 and with only around 300 units manufactured, the LM002 keeps its own place when it comes to automotive history. However, with the Urus, it appears that Lamborghini has once again created a new icon.

The Urus follows the long tradition of Lamborghini to name its models after bulls. Known also as Aurochs, the Urus has a large size and is considered as the wild ancestors of many domestic cattles today. With a shoulder height of as much as 1.8 meters, this fighting bull from Spain has been bred for over 5 centuries. In terms of appearance, the Lamborghini Urus is close to its real-life counterpart.

At the moment, the Urus has been labeled as the Lamborghini of SUVs. What this concept car does is to put attention on three important qualities which are driving fun, performance, and design, qualities that the brand has set new benchmarks for. As a sports utility vehicle, the interior offers enough space for four people to be comfortable. With its substantial space, you can put in those large luggage or shopping bags. Even with all of these different and excellent features, the Urus is most importantly a true Lamborghini in terms of looks.

Its appearance is powerful but not bulky. Despite being sporty and muscular, it remains to be elegant. The proportions are indeed excellent despite having a height of 1.66 meters, lower compared to its rivals. Overall length of 4.99 meters though means it does belong to the sporty SUV class with width measuring 1.99 meters. Indeed, the Urus is perfect for leisure travel with friends or just being with the family. This is a Lamborghini that you can truly use on a daily basis.

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