Lamborghini may unveil its Urus SUV in Geneva next month, production to begin in April

Article by Christian A., on February 10, 2017

Stefano Domenicali, chief executive of luxury sports car maker Lamborghini Automobili, has dropped quite a number of details regarding the brand’s newest offering, the Lamborghini Urus luxury, high-performance SUV.

Domenicali was able to give DigitalTrends a few minutes of his time, and during the interview the top honcho didn’t think twice about revealing and confirming some juicy details about the Urus SUV.

For instance, Lamborghini really has high expectations for the Urus, and Domenicali wants everything to be perfectly in place when the carmaker starts selling the luxury performance SUV to a new market and to new customers.

It is for this reason that Lamborghini is currently expanding its manufacturing facility in Sant’Agata Bolognese in Italy to allow it to double its annual production facility from the current 3,500 vehicles to around 7,000 units. The Urus will take up around half of the site’s production facility at 3,500, while the rest will be split between the Huracan and the Aventador. Lamborghini is expecting the expanded Sant’Agata Bolognese site to be operational in April, when the carmaker commences production of the Urus SUV.

But Lamborghini’s preparations for the Urus go beyond production, according to Domenicali. The carmaker’s top man remarked that the initial models to roll off the production would be prototypes, which would be used to train people. He noted that the after-sales network and the dealers also need to know the car to better sell it.

As for the Urus’ capabilities, Domenicali told Digital Trends that the SUV will be able to go off the road, as it will come with a specific setup for ice, snow, stones, and sand -- similar to the Ego approach in the Aventador S. He also confirmed that the second variant of the Urus SUV will definitely be a hybrid unit.

However, he remarked that while hybridization is possible with Lamborghini’s super sports cars, it won’t happen in the next 10 years. Domenicali said that a hybridization or electrification would only be realizable if such a vehicle would have the same characteristics as its super sports cars. For now, Domenicali quipped that Lamborghini would continue to push the capabilities of its V12 engine and keep on improving it in the next few years.

The super sports car maker had already indicated its intentions to offer a hybrid when it unveiled the Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4 plug-in hybrid concept at the 2014 Paris Auto Show.

The Asterion employs a hybrid powertrain that includes a 5.2-liter aspirated V10 engine with selective IDS and three electric motors. The V10 powerplant delivers 610 hp (449 kW) of max output at 8,250 rpm while the electric motors generate 300 hp (221 kW) of output for a total of 910 hp (669 kW). It remains unknown whether the hybrid powertrain of the Asterion will be the same unit that will power the Urus hybrid. However, it does provide us with a good idea of how Lamborghini intends to power the Urus hybrid.

Domenicali remarked that it would soon unveil more details about the Urus in the next few weeks, which imply that Lamborghini is planning to unwrap the SUV at 2017 Geneva Motor Show in March.

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