Lebron James becomes the Kia K900 luxury ambassador

Article by Christian A., on October 16, 2014

LeBron James is definitely considered as one of the best basketball players on Earth, having etched a name in the National Basketball Association even in his young age. Outside the basketball court, however, James is a businessman and a philanthropist as well as a trendsetter.

He is also an ambassador for Kia’s K900 rear-wheel-drive luxury flagship sedan. Yes, James inked a multi-year partnership with Kia Motors America (KMA) as K900 Luxury Ambassador. In fact, James himself is an owner of a Kia K900, which is now part of his exotic car collection.

Interestingly, Kia is also the Official Automotive Partner of the NBA. In August, James posted “Rolling around in my K900. Love this car!” online with photos of the luxury sedan. James remarked that he was already a Kia K900 driver and fan even before partnering with the South Korean carmaker, adding that he is excited to be Kia’s first-ever luxury ambassador.

He said that his partnership with Kia is about the “power of great style and performance.” Likewise, he noted that Kia and the K900 are out to challenge conventional wisdom and even show people how to think differently – something James said he could relate to.

Tim Chaney, vice president of marketing communications at KMA, said that they were honored to learn that James – as one of the most influential athletes and tastemakers – wanted to check out Kia’s new flagship sedan.

He remarked that like Kia, James does not want to be limited by conventions. He said that as Kia’s K900 Luxury Ambassador, James’ star power will urge people to question what they know about the brand.

Given a first look, the K900 design leaves a remarkable impression. The lengthy 119.9” wheelbase and broad 63.8” front and 64.1” rear track of the V8 transform into significant presence on the road. In silhouette, the greenhouse’s sweeping rake, subtle cut outlines along the doors, and raised rear deck lid create a brawny counterpoint to the sheet metal. The K900 V8's standard 19” multi-spoked chrome wheels come with 245/45R-19 tires in front and 275/40R-19 tires in the back.

Kia's iconic grille sits almost vertically in the smooth, contoured fascia in front. A chromed halo encases the darker chrome inner parts, hinting at the strength and possibility behind. Underbody panels that smooth air flow mounted under the nose, engine bay, and cabin assist in reducing drag and increase efficiency.

Adaptive LED headlamps come on the V8 standard. With 16 LED bulbs creating strong, natural light for better luminosity, the light beams that adjust to trail the road bends shine under crystal-clear lenses, deeply recessed into the fenders in front. Soft-glowing LEDs outline the multifaceted headlamps. Set low and far at the corners of the nose are smooth positioning LEDs and LED fog lamps.

Similar LED technology use is also at the rear of the K900. The trapezoidal tail lamps offer diffused LEDs for brakes and brighter LEDs for turn indicators. A discerning, chrome bezels cut high over the K900's standard power rear deck lid, adding sophistication and providing width visually. The power and heated rear view mirrors that come standard integrate automatic dimming, LED turn indicators and the Blind Spot Detection System (BSD) into a sleek, streamlined shape that helps to lessen wind noises. The rear bumper has accents that fully integrate dual chrome-tipped exhausts that echo the taillight shape.

Press Release


On the court, he is a ten-time NBA All-Star and the most popular athlete in the U.S., away from the arena he is a philanthropist, businessman and trendsetter; and today, LeBron James proudly includes a Kia K900 (known as ‘Quoris’ in some markets) - the brand’s first-ever rear-drive luxury sedan - among his fleet of exotic automobiles. In a multi-year partnership with Kia Motors America (KMA), James assumes the newly created role of K900 Luxury Ambassador after the avid car collector reached out to Kia - the Official Automotive Partner of the NBA - for a firsthand experience with the flagship sedan aimed at confident, independent thinkers who actively seek out new products and unique ideas from up-and-coming brands.

“I was a Kia K900 driver and fan before we decided to become partners, so I’m really excited to be Kia’s first-ever luxury ambassador,” said LeBron James. “This partnership is about the power of great style and performance. Kia and the K900 are out to challenge conventional wisdom and show people how to think differently, and I can relate to that. For me, a partnership has to be authentic and real to who I am, and that’s what makes this one so special.”

In August, James posted “Rolling around in my K900. Love this car!” online with photos of the sedan, which AMCI Testing recently certified as Quieter, Smoother, and Better Riding Overall than the Audi A8 4.0T, the BMW 750i and the Lexus LS460.

“As fans of the game of basketball, we were honoured to learn that one of today’s most influential athletes and tastemakers recognized something different was going on at Kia and wanted to check out our new flagship sedan,” said Tim Chaney, vice president of marketing communications, KMA. “Like Kia, LeBron James does not want to be confined by conventions or traditional definitions, and as our K900 Luxury Ambassador his star power will cause people to question everything they think they know about our brand.”

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