Lexus considering a new convertible to replace the aging IS Convertible

Article by Christian A., on December 8, 2014

Lexus introduced the LF-C2 Concept a.k.a. a convertible version of the RC Coupe at the 2014 LA Auto Show, but despite the positive feedback received by the vehicle will not see a production version. According to Jeff Bracken, Lexus Division general manager, the LF-C2 was purely a concept, but sources sat that the Japanese manufacturer is considering whether to produce a convertible version of the RC Coupe or a more exclusive convertible version of the LF-LC Concept unveiled back in 2012 at the Detroit Auto Show.

If the LF-LC convertible is seen as a halo car that will elevate the brand, the RC convertible is seen to bring more customers to the brand. The big question is if the brand wants to support two convertibles.

The bad news is that convertibles are seen as a luxury item and most of the customers are looking for a crossover/SUV. As a result, the Japanese manufacturer will introduce a three-row crossover in order to take on vehicles such as the BMW X5 and the Audi Q7.

Convertibles in the luxury segment are not seen as a huge volume item and that’s why it is possible to wait a little longer for a convertible vehicle from Lexus, that will replace the aging IS convertible.

Lexus is unveiling at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show a new design study that serves as precursor to a possibly new luxury open-top car – the new Lexus LF-C2 concept. Basically a 2+2 roadster concept, the new LF-C2 explores a number of key styling themes that would play a role in the brand's future, bolder styling direction. In addition, the new LF-C2 concept takes inspiration from the brand's passion for driving.

Jeff Bracken, Lexus group vice president and general manager, remarked that the new LF-C2 concept provides a glimpse of the brand's future design direction, as the study essentially demonstrates to global customers that Lexus is devoted to emotional designs and is passionate to deliver an exceptional driving experience.

Boasting of a highly styled 2+2 layout, the new LF-C2 concept takes on the idea of a pure and simple sports coupe. The open-top character of the new LF-C2 concept allows its occupants to experience the pleasure of open-air motoring while enjoying its potent attributes especially on twisty roads.

Meanwhile, the new LF-C2 concept comes with an exterior which styling makes use of the sporty interaction between surface shapes and different types of light. Its edges, planes and curvatures are designed to convey a different character when viewed from different angles and under different lighting conditions. This styling objective is complemented by the carmaker’s layered paint process to give the open top luxury GT a striking and progressive meaning.

The new LF-C2 concept is wrapped in a brilliant, golden yellow finish achieved through a multi-layer paint process. The concept is first coated with a primer, then with a silver coat. A clear coat is then applied before it’s topped by a yellow coat to reflect off the silver. A final top coat finishes the paint process.

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