Is Lexus going to drop the GS from its lineup in 2018?

Article by Christian A., on March 24, 2017

Since 1993, Lexus has produced 4 generations of the Lexus GS, with the GS F amongst its newest member of the family. Unfortunately, rumors are also heating up that the luxurious sedan will no longer see the light of day within the next few years. found out about the sad news by sifting through the pages of MAG-X, a Japanese magazine which was published in January. According to a source, the lengthy article, which had to be translated in English stated the GS is slated to bow out of the league after its current generation.

There are also some insinuations that the LS will be its immediate replacement --considering it also comes with the new V6 engine. With the increasing demand for the LS, it says Toyota Motors Corporation arrived at a decision to remove the GS from their lineup. In all, having the same V6 engine for both the GS and the LS must have caused a product overlap in their existing line.

All things considered, the GS remains to be a part of the Lexus lineup. At least for now. There was not enough information to support these assertions so we must wait for Toyota to have the final word on the issue. For those who can still recall, Akio Toyoda, Toyota’s CEO almost withdrew from the project sometime in 2011. However, the regional management team was able to convince him in the end. Besides, in case the GS does get axed, it won’t happen until 2018.

The GS was previously inundated by irregularities particularly with the brakes, steering and overall handling. Add to that the comments about its basic exterior styling and plain interior design. It comes as no surprise then that the GS’ sales performance had also gone down the drain.

Currently, the GS line consists of the GS 450h, GS 450, GS 350 F Sport, GS 350, the GS Turbo F Sport, the GS Turbo as well as the powerful GS F model. Lexus was hoping to sell about 20,000 up to 25,000 examples yearly. Sadly, Lexus was only able to sell about 15,000 units of the GS in 2016.

The new Lexus LS, on the other hand, comes with the latest 415hp (309 kW) 3.5-liter V6 engine that can blow up to 442 lb-ft (600Nm) of torque. Based on the rumors, it is intended to replace the current generation GS as the luxury division’s new flagship model.

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