Lexus increases LFA allocation for U.S. buyers by 21 units

Article by Christian A., on August 27, 2010

Last week Toyota announced that it already sold all the LFA supercars. After that a new report came suggesting that there are still few LFAs available in for the United States. What happened, you ask?

Apparently, the allocation of cars for United States has been increased by 21 units, which means that 171 lucky folks located in the U.S. will buy a LFA. For those who still want to buy one, they can contact their local Lexus dealers or simply call 866-532-4794.

If you want some data regarding the performances of the care here it is: the LFA carries an impressive 4.8-liter V10 engine delivering 552 hp and capable to push the car from naught to 62 mph in just 100 km/h) in just 3.7 seconds, while the top speed is electronically limited to 202 mph (325 km/h).

For the standard LFA, Lexus asks $375,000 (MSRP) but 50 folks will be even luckier as they will get the LFA Nurburgring Package which comes for an extra $70,000.

What do you get? Well, according to the manfacturer, the LFA Nurburgring Package adds an 10 hp, a reduced gear-shift time to only 0.15 seconds as well as a sport-tuned suspension, exclusive black mesh-type wheels and dedicated high-grip tires for better handling.

Furthermore, you get a larger front spoiler and fixed rear wing for improved high speed down force. Also, the car will be available in four exterior colors, whitest white, orange, black and matte black as well as three interior colors, black, red, and violet.

The lines of the new Lexus LFA flow from the roof to sill in a smooth convex to concave line, as influenced by the car’s front-mid engine layout, low-slung cabin, short overhangs, long wheelbase as well as sophisticated aerodynamics. Thanks to the light weight yet high-strength, carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) allowed Lexus designers to create certain shapes, curves and edges that would have been impossible when dealing with metal.

Despite this, the styling of the new LFA stays faithful to the principles of L-finesse, which influences all current models from Lexus. As expected, the design of the new LFA adheres to the philosophy of form follows function, as evident on its several air intakes and aerodynamic details. This also evident on the design of the door mirrors, which have been shaped to route air over the shoulders of the LFA into the rear intakes.

Inside, the low-slung cabin of new Lexus LFA is divided into three zones. One of these is the mechanical zone that includes the skeleton of the vehicle’s construction. The cabin also features a human zone, featuring two seats situated at its center. Lastly, the LFA comes with a driving zone, which includes high-tech instrumentation that connects the driver with the machine.

The hand-built cabin of the new Lexus LFA boasts of driver-focused ergonomics. Upholstered in fine leather and Alcantara, the seats of the new LFA are designed to deliver a great degree of of back and side support.

In addition, the trim of the new LFA features the same advanced materials employed in its construction. In fact, the LFA’s trim has exposed areas of both matt and gloss carbon fiber, with trim details finished in brushed metal. On the other hand, the floor-hinged brake and throttle pedals of the new LFA are made from forged aluminum. Customers can select from different interior colors and details to make the cabin look amenable to their personal preferences.

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