Lexus IS 300h offers unmatched cost of ownership advantages

Article by Anita Panait, on April 18, 2013

Lexus IS 300h promises to provide customers with cost of ownership advantages that could not be matched by other 2.0-litre diesel premium saloon models. This is all thanks to the Lexus Hybrid Drive powertrain, which offers a good mix of low maintenance, low running costs as well as tax benefits and incentives.

Lexus Hybrid Drive powertrain offers exceptional fuel economy and low emissions. A Lexus IS 300h SE model boasts of being able to travel 65.7 miles per gallon of fuel while just emitting 99 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer traveled. Lexus engineered the IS 300h’s hybrid system for durability and low maintenance requirements.

The premium saloon has no clutch while its starter motor and alternator are integrated into the system, thus there is no need for servicing or replacement during its lifetime. The Lexus IS 300h also uses a maintenance-free timing chain, instead of a timing belt. This modification means that a customer could incur lower servicing bills as well as savings on replacement parts.

The Lexus Hybrid Drive powertrain also reduces the wearing down of brakes and tires. The system’s regenerative braking delivers the initial braking force, thereby reducing wear on pads and discs. Since Lexus hybrids run with 20-percent higher tire pressure, shoulder wear is also reduced. The smooth linear power delivery as well as the vehicle’s balanced weight distribution also means reduced wear on the front tire treads.

Compared to competing 2.0-litre diesel automatic models from BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi, the Lexus IS 300h could offer savings on service, maintenance and repair costs of up to £443 over three years.

Since the Lexus IS 300h SE emits below 100 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer traveled, it will benefit from a number of personal and business tax advantages, including a zero annual road tax (Vehicle Excise Duty) charge. Lexus will roll out the new IS range in the United Kingdom in July. The SE version will have a starting price of £29,495.

New Lexus IS features a dramatic design, tight proportions and sleek surfaces—all of which conveys the premium compact sedan’s dynamic capabilities as well as superb on-the-road performance.

Lexus IS has sporty proportions. Compared to the previous model, the new Lexus IS is 80 mm longer (at 4,665 mm) and 10 mm wider. Moreover, the new Lexus IS features wheelbase made longer by 70 mm (to 2,800 mm) and a front overhang extended by 10 mm.

The next generation of the IS – just like the new generation of the Lexus GS, ES and LS models – has adopted the new Lexus spindle grille frontal design, which lends the premium compact sedan a more dynamic presence on the road, an unmistakable brand identity as well as an assertive elegance.

Up front, the new Lexus IS features a new bonnet – designed to optimize pedestrian impact protection -- that allows it to have one of the lowest possible front profiles. Below is the spindle grille as bordered by headlamp clusters, as highlighted by Lexus’ signature L-shaped LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) placed independently beneath the headlights.

When viewed on the sides, the new Lexus IS reveals a strong horizontal beltline that provides the impression of lower center of gravity and larger rear tires. Lexus designed the cabin of the new IS in a way that it seems to focus its mass rearwards, thereby visually highlighting the power sent to the rear tires as well as the perception of traction.

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