Lexus is ready for summer: IS 250C Limited Edition and RX 450h SE-I with panoramic roof option

Article by Christian A., on June 27, 2011

It’s quite surprising that Britain, with its rainy weather, has the highest demand for convertible models in all of Europe. Lexus wants to take advantage of this fact, especially considering that the heat waves are expected to arrive soon. Lexus will be promoting its IS 250C coupe-convertible and a panoramic roof option for the RX 450h SE-I luxury crossover.

The IS 250C is currently one of the most stylish coupe-convertibles offered on the market. It has a shiny front end and features a silent-deploying electric folding roof that opens in seconds after pushing a button.

The model will be made more appealing with a special Limited Edition version. It will have a limited run of only 50 units to be produced. It will be getting a unique black and red semi-aniline fine leather interior that certainly attracts a lot of attention when the top is down. Each car also gets a numbered badge found inside the glovebox to signify its special status.

The Limited Edition is based on the regular SE-L model and offers the following equipment as standard: a set of 18-inch alloy wheels, cruise control, eight-way electrically adjustable front seats with built-in ventilation and heating, and electric one-touch easy access to the rear seats. It also features climate control that detects when the roof is down and makes automatic adjustments to the temperature.

The Limited Edition has a price tag of £39,990. However, the RX 450h SE-I can be specified with a panoramic glass roof. The fixed factory-fitted roof permits the light to enter the cabin. It is offered as a build-to-order option with a price tag of £900.

The Lexus IS250C is a fine example of the IS design philosophy with its contrasting concave/convex surfaces, sweepingly stylish lines, and overall classy look. It combines the aggressive and manly appeal of a sports coupe and the stylishness of a convertible.

The model also shares the IS range’s headlamps, door handles, mirrors and bonnet. It does, however, feature new elements that were redesigned specifically for its folding roof. For one, the fog lamp has been given a new design and is now seamlessly integrated into the front air dam. It was also given a more muscular coachwork that lends the car a great look in profile.

You also have a steeply sloping windscreen that blends effortlessly into the arc of the roof line, creating a smooth and aerodynamic look for the cabin. The flowing line continues to the luggage compartment. The rear side has a cluster of LED illumination lamps and a highly placed LED stop light is seamlessly embedded in the boot lip spoiler. Looking at the Lexus IS250C from the side and with the hard top down, you would certainly appreciate the seamless, continuous and exquisite look of the convertible.

It helps that there are no roof mechanisms visible above the car’s waistline except for the roll-over hoop located behind the headrest of the rear seats. The roof mechanism is also hidden away under the boot surface and a rear parcel shelf. The hard top is lowered and raised with a simple touch of a button. You would probably be amazed at how smooth and seamless it is to open or close the hard top, or at least wonder at how it could do so without too much noise. Made out of lightweight aluminum, the top also features a roof brake, which slows down the closing of the top when it gets near the edge of the windshield. Instead of having the roof slam abruptly when it closes, the top does so smoothly.

Inside the Lexus IS250C: Beauty and Comfort

The Lexus IS250C is a luxury convertible. In fact, the car brand claims that it has the same levels of innovation and luxury that customers have come to expect from the IS saloon range. But there are quite a few improved and reworked elements to guarantee more comfort and enjoyment on board.

For one, the Lexus IS250C boasts of entertainment systems that you can enjoy when the roof is closed. And while the steering wheel and the instrument panel are the same as those on the IS saloon, the instrument binnacle has been extensively improved to ensure visibility when you are driving with the top down.

The car’s climate control system is configured for top-down driving. It now has a new speed-sensitive control that increases the air flow when you put the roof down and continues to increase it with regards to your car’s speed. All with you doing absolutely nothing.

Plus, you can put your groove on and enjoy superior sound quality from the Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound system on board. It features twelve speakers and equaliser tuning that helps you get consistent sound regardless of having the roof open or closed. The equalizer automatically amps up the bass when you open the top.

The 2011 Lexus IS 250C also features a pair of full-sized rear seats that give you more headroom and legroom. These seats are separated by the center console that has integrated cupholders.

The doors on the 2011 Lexus IS 250C also have a wider aperture than the ones you see on the IS saloon. The additional 300mm makes it easier for passengers to get into the back of the car. What’s more, the sides of the front seats can be folded forward with just a touch of the walk-in button.

Another improvement is found at the rear overhang, which is bigger by 50mm. Add that element to the superior compact packaging of the folding roof and you have more space for your bags and luggage! In fact, you can even stash a nine-inch golf bag back there even when the roof is hidden away.

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Ultimate summer drop-top style with IS 250C Limited Edition
Panoramic roof option for full hybrid RX 450h SE-I
Whether the summer turns out to be sun-soaked or typically British, Lexus covers all options with its IS 250C coupe-convertible and a panoramic roof option for the RX 450h SE-I luxury crossover.

IS 250C Limited Edition
The IS 250C is one of the most stylish coupe-convertibles on the market, with its quick and quiet deploying electric folding roof that can let you enjoy open-top motoring in a matter of seconds at the touch of a button. To add a dash of exclusivity to its premium specification, it is now available in a special Limited Edition version. Just 50 examples are being made with a distinctive black and red semi-aniline fine leather interior, perfect for cutting a dash when driving with the top down. Each car also comes with a numbered badge denoting its special status, discreetly fixed inside the glovebox.

Based on the regular SE-L model, the Limited Edition comes as standard with 18-inch alloy wheels, eight-way electrically adjustable front seats with built-in ventilation and heating, cruise control, electric one-touch easy access to the rear seats, climate control that automatically adjusts temperature settings when the roof is down and cruise control. The Limited Edition is on sale now, price £39,990 on the road.

RX 450h SE-I with panoramic roof option
For those who want to enjoy the sunshine without the wind-in-the-hair effect, the RX 450h SE-I can be specified with a panoramic glass roof. Seamlessly integrated into the design of the full hybrid crossover, the fixed roof lets light flood into the cabin and gives everyone on board an excellent view. It is available as a build-to-order option, price £900.

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