Lucid Motors Air EV sedan boasts up to 400 miles of range

Article by Christian A., on December 17, 2016

Lucid Motors is one of the startups from Silicon Valley, which used to go by the name Atieva. Only recently, the California-based company showcased its four door EV to the press. And so it went, Lucid Motors has pulled the wraps off its much-awaited Air Sedan. The all-wheel-drive, all-electric vehicle’s 1000 hp and 400 miles-of-range has since become Tesla’s newest rival.

Perhaps this is what you’d expect from a company with Peter Rawlinson, Brian Barron and Derek Jenkins as its founding members. Rawlinson, the company CTO, is a former member of the Tesla team while Barron started his career with BMW and Jenkins used to work from Mazda.

Aside from fulfilling the day-to-day commuter needs of the driver, it is the company’s intention to provide its new product with luxurious amenities as well as the characteristics of a sports car. Amazingly, Lucid’s electric vehicle has enough interior volume to compete with other cars in the segment.

Thanks to its smartly placed battery, the sedan is just as spacious as a Mercedes-Benz S-Class or a BMW 7-Series.

Powered by a 100 kilowatt-hour battery pack, the Air is capable of up to 1000 hp, and can take-off from 0-62 mph under 2.5 seconds. There’s also a 130 kWh battery pack being offered as an alternative.

Lucid will be working in partnership with Samsung SDI, a subsidiary that focuses mainly on battery manufacturing. Unlike the Tesla Model S’ 315 miles of range (on a single charge), the Air boasts up to 400 miles or up to 643 kilometres. It also comes “ready” with autonomous driving features such as radar, cameras and Lidar.

The radar is good whether for short or long range. Just as with some other cars equipped semi-autonomous driving, the additional data are also sent via over-the –air updates. The interior is equipped with comfortable and luxurious seats, panoramic glass roof and touch screen monitors.

Aside from this, the Air sedan comes with a companion app that works in conjunction with the vehicle’s control system. The user can choose between Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Echo for voice command.

The Air will be built and assembled in Lucid Motors’ production facility in Arizona, which will open early next year. Its new luxury sedan expected to go on sale on 2018 after it begins with the production on the same year.

Though no official price has been given yet, Lucid’s luxury sedan will probably cost more than $100,000. All the same, Lucid will be offering a more affordable version but is expected to arrive much later on. But more or less it will come with a $65,000 pricetag.

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