Maserati introduces five-star Master Italian Lifestyle Experience program

Article by Christian A., on March 27, 2012

Maserati introduces the all-new Master Italian Lifestyle Experience into its Master Maserati 2012 initiative run in association with Dorado, which is the International Driving Centre founded by former F1 driver Andrea de Adamich. This world-first, five-star "lifestyle" program integrates road and circuit driving with a tour of Florence, which is one of the most symbolic cities in Italy.

This one-of-a-kind event combines all the most emblematic features of the Made in Italy -- consisting of fashion, art, bespoke craftsmanship, luxury and most of all, racing performance. The newest Master Italian Lifestyle Experience will be held on May 29 and 30. It is a two-day event that allows participants to experience the best that Italy has to offer.

Activities included in this package are a road test in the Tuscan countryside and a day at the circuit. Participants can also enjoy a visit to the boutiques of Italian artisans and an exclusive sightseeing tour of Florence. The Master Maserati program provides a full array of all-exclusive experiences with the all-Italian elegance and style that had always characterized the activities of Maserati.

One of the programs under the Master Maserati 2012 is the "Master GT 2 days" to be held from April 23 to 24. This two-day program helps improve techniques in circuit driving. It provides telemetry and driving exercises on a low-grip, slippery surface.

The price for the Driver course is at €3,680 or £3075, VAT included. One can also opt for the course which include accommodation for €4,020 or £3,359, including VAT. The Companion course is offered at €350 while those opting for the accommodation can pay €650 or £544, prices include VAT. Another program is the "Master GT 1 day" that takes place on May 14.

This is a whole-day program focusing on the improvement of circuit driving techniques. Activities include telemetry and exercises to control oversteer. Prices including VAT for this program are: €1,990/£1.663 for the Driver course and €2,140/£1,789 when opting for the accommodation; and €250/£209 for Companion and €400/£335 when accommodation is included.

As for the latest Master Italian Lifestyle Experience, prices including VAT are: €4,890/£4,087 for Driver and €1,250/£1,044 for Companion. The prices include full board accommodation, museums tickets and tour. The Master Maserati Courses are all operated by professional driving instructors and other highly qualified employees to make sure that the experience is highly educational and unforgettable.

In terms of suspension, the new Maserati GranTurismo Sport shows the evolved version of the continuous damping control system. Dubbed as the Sport Skyhook system, it ensures that reaction time is faster and that the car is more fun-to-drive. It also enhances the comfort of the passengers. Different modes are available and under SPORT, the pin of the car is sharp enough to immediately respond to any input given by the driver.

In NORMAL mode, the suspension is able to ensure that the damping can absorb any surface roughness encountered and thus allow for smoother travel. Overall this means that the new GranTurismo Sport delivers outstanding handling capability that manages to offer sports performance while combining it with excellent comfort no matter what the present driving condition may be.

Powering this latest offering from Maserati is the 4.7-liter V8 engine capable of delivering output at 460 HP (338 kW) with top torque measured at 520 Nm. Even with this performance, both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions remain the same. When paired with the electro actuated gearbox that comes with MC Shift technology, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is possible in 4.7 seconds with maximum speed measured at 300 km/h.

It should be noted that the transmission allows for gear changes that are faster, about 100 ms). An automatic transmission is being offered though and it will have the MC Auto Shift management software. This is the same feature as that of the Quattroporte Sport GT S and the GranCabrio Sport. With this transmission, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is possible in 4.8 seconds with maximum speed at 298 km/h.

Maserati revealed that for the GranTurismo Sport, two types of transmissions will be made available. The first is the electro actuated 6-speed gearbox having the dry twin-plate clutch. The second is the automatic 6-speed ZF transmission. The former is also about improving driving comfort without compromising performance while the latter offers an involved driving experience.

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