Mazda installs Smart City Brake Support system in the CX-5

Article by Anita Panait, on February 28, 2012

Drivers of all-new Mazda CX-5 compact crossover SUV need not to worry about colliding with another car in front when driving slowly in city streets. Mazda has announced its newest anti-collision safety technology, the ‘Smart City Brake Support’ (SCBS). The SCBS system, fitted as standard on the Mazda CX-5, uses a laser sensor to detect a vehicle or any other obstacle in front of the SUV.

If the system detects a possible collision and the driver fails to slow down appropriately or turn the wheel to avoid the crash, the SCBS automatically activates the brakes and cuts the engine yield at the same time.  This allows the system to help avoid collisions or if not, mitigate the damage from rear-end collisions at low speeds, which is one of the most common accidents.

With the car moving low speeds of between 2.5 and 19mph, the laser sensor installed at the top of the windscreen detects an obstacle in front of the Mazda CX-5 and monitors the space as well as the closing speed.

If the SCBS determines that there is a high risk of a collision and the driver takes no breaking or avoiding action, the system pre-pressures the braking system.  This allows a faster braking response when the driver hits the brakes. And if the driver fails to perform any braking or avoiding action, the SCBS will activate the automatic braking operation.

The SCBS system only works when the speed difference between the driver’s car and the vehicle in front is less than 19mph. Mazda Motor Corp. is determined to intensify its safety-related research and development efforts, with hopes of achieving the ultimate goal of having an accident-free and safe motorized society. After the Mazda CX-5, the company will install the SCBS in its future new models.

Many customers expect that their crossover SUV must have a look that is strong and active. In the case of Mazda, the brand also wanted such a vehicle to carry the dynamic it is known for and to also have that emotional styling. As a result, the developers of the brand wanted a design that was both imposing and athletic. The goal of course was to have a design that would result in a good combination of function and form and then coupled with performance.

This resulted in the Mazda CX-5 and with the imposing but sporty form, this SUV is set apart from the others. The model’s well-planted appearance is due to the nose and the wheel arches that are now more pronounced. Its profile looks as if it is leaning forward bringing to mind a runner preparing to run the race. With the cabin being positioned towards the rear, it appears like a predator winding up to attack an unsuspecting prey.

Looking at its side, the CX-5 reveals that it is indeed dynamic given how the continuous lines and shape give the feel of speed. Giving it a sense of power is not only the sculptured body sides but also the bold fender arches. Enhancing this feel are the 17-inch wheels or the 19-inch versions. However the CX-5 is not all about looking good. The design team was able to give this model excellent aerodynamics with the goal of reaching coefficient of drag at 0.33.

To make this possible, the team needed to go outside the box as it relates to compact SUVs. This is but one of the many examples of how Mazda managed to combine function and form for the CX-5. By having the A-pillars positioned at a certain angle, the driver is able to get an excellent view. This enhances driving enjoyment and at the same time improves safety.

Since the C-pillars have been slanted on the sharply raked window at the rear, it helps with the lively appearance. Going back to the design, the CX-5 sports the brand’s KODO design theme and this is seen with how the front grille, which has the trademarked wing integrated to it, extends all the way to the headlamps. On the other hand, the lower grille, with its trapezoid shape, helps with the solid stance of the CX-5 and puts more focus on the front section.

On the rear section, the fenders have been made more pronounced and when paired with the liftgate surfaces, they highlight even further the elegant and powerful shape of the CX-5. This feature ensures that the CX-5 is easily set apart from the standard SUV. Still on the rear section, the spoiler remains in line with the principle of form and function as it not only has an athletic appearance but also enhances aerodynamics.

Even the bumpers help with the performance. Being composed of a resin material specifically developed for it, they continue to be as rigid as standard bumpers but in terms of weight, they are lighter by 20%. The headlamps are shaped like wings and when combined with the taillights, they provide a distinct feel especially when it is lighted up during nighttime.

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