Mazda launching MZD Connect on new Mazda3

Article by Christian A., on September 27, 2013

Mazda is launching the MZD Connect, its new connectivity system, on the all-new Mazda3 that will go on sale in January 2014 in the UK. Mazda’s new-generation compact is one of the first in its segment to come with a full package of online services to go with the completely redeveloped human-machine interface (HMI) in the cabin.

MZD Connect, when working alongside the user’s smartphone, expands the brand’s current range of navigation and SMS features (such as readout and voice recognition) with a totally new level of convenience with regards to getting connected. Passengers of the Mazda3 can take advantage of a problem-free real-time access to infotainment services from Aha through the 7-inch display positioned above the centre stack.

Aha is a cloud-based platform that’s developed to be used for the car. Aha provides over 40,000 options of content like internet radio, news, podcasts and audio books as well as Facebook and Twitter feeds and various location-based services. To be able to connect in the car through Bluetooth or USB, all that users require is to have the free Aha app for their smartphones.

In addition, MZD Connect offers Mazda’s own vehicle apps like Eco-display and maintenance reminders. The system consists of a modular hardware structure and updatable software, making the system flexible as well as future-proof. It works in 25 languages for audio and 38 languages for text. It also supports playback from other mobile devices that are connected.

Over a period of time, the assortment of available applications and services will increasingly expand. Because of the new HMI that the company developed for the all-new Mazda3, this system is easy and safe to use.

The risk of distraction is minimized by the cabin setup, which features the Active Driving Display (Mazda’s new head-up display). As a result, drivers are able to stay in a stable position and make sure that their eyes don’t stray from the road. Drivers are then able to stay safe even as they use MZD Connect and other information-providing technology.

Temptation. One glance at the brand-new Mazda 3 immediately livens the soul, grabbing hold of the spectator before fixing its grip. It attracts one, getting under the skin. A link has been made, sowing the seeds of a long-lasting relationship.

Behind this attraction is the "KODO - Soul of Motion" design theme. Energized by the magnificence and potency of nature, Mazda created KODO to take its distinguishable feeling of longevity and deftness above and beyond, for an unwavering new generation of vehicles that essentially asks to be driven.

Standard acclaimed and unmistakably Mazda, the most recent Mazda 3 imprints a resurrection of sorts, all things considered. Mazda has thought of a really passionate rendition of dynamic movement, advancing KODO's audacity for the robust, energetic C-segment sizes. Like earlier KODO models, the brand-new Mazda 3 highlights a firm position improved by the compact looking, rear-inclining cabin. Lower and broader than the present model, the vehicle has a raked profile, rising drastically towards the rear and reinforced by the strongly flared fenders and huge sporty aluminum wheels at the corners. These allow it to exude dexterity and potency, and Mazda's trademark off-the-line power.

At first glance, the al-new Mazda sparks a fire in the heart of the spectator, lighting up the imagination to evoke the possibilities. The lively tension is integrated with a tempting - and refreshingly remarkable - sensation of rhythm. Reflections off the glossy surface textures move like an emotion with the lighting and the watcher's position, sometimes discrete, sometimes audaciously, but always catching the senses and renewing the mood.

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