Mazda to increase production of CX-5 by 20% due to high demand

Article by Christian A., on July 5, 2012

Due to the unexpected high global demand for Mazda’s new CX-5 compact crossover, it has decided to increase production by 20%. Its production capacity in Japan for the CX-5 will be increased from 200,000 units annually to 240,000. In addition, Mazda raised its worldwide sales goal for the CX-5 from 160,000 units to 190,000 units during the fiscal year that ends on March 31, 2013.

Since the CX-5 started selling in Japan last February, orders in the country have risen to around 24,000 -- more than double its CX-5 domestic sales target for the entire year. Mazda’s dealers in the U.S. will be pleased about the added production.

At the end of June, Mazda had a 27-day inventory for the CX-5 while it had an 85-day supply for its other models. In the U.S., Mazda has sold 16,031 CX-5s through June. Sales started in late February. The CX-5 is the newest vehicle from Mazda. It’s also the first to be powered by a direct-injection 2.0-liter gasoline engine, new transmissions and lightweight chassis and frame technologies, which the company collectively refers to as Skyactiv.

Furthermore, Mazda said that it will double its output of Skyactiv engines in Hiroshima, Japan. In June, Mazda sold 19,911 vehicles, about 3% higher than last year.

Last month, CX-5 sales totaled 4,551 -- its best month since sales started in late February. The results make up for the sales drop of the majority of Mazda's other vehicles. The Mazda3 and the MX-5 Miata were the only other nameplates that have year-over-year sales increases in June. Mazda’s sales in the U.S. amounted to 143,797 in the first half of 2012, about 16% higher than last year.

This is a vehicle that looks good and performs just as well. This was the objective that Mazda set out for itself when it decided to become part of the crossover compact SUV class, a segment known to be highly competitive. In addition, Mazda also wanted a vehicle that would offer driving passion and emotion that the brand has long been celebrated for. The result is the new CX-5 which reveals an excellent mix of performance and style.

This would be the first model from Mazda to carry the design concept known as "KODO - Soul of Motion," which basically uses the idea of nature and which boasts power, beauty, and motion. The main principle behind KODO is that it uses how animals move as an inspiration and this is why the design theme has that agility, emotion, and vitality. For the CX-5, the design team at Mazda decided to use cheetahs, which everyone knows is the fastest animal on land. The designers noticed that as the cheetah prepared to run, it utilized its whole body much like a spring.

Thus, it is able to bring out a large amount of energy while ensuring grace and dexterity. It is this image that pushed the design team to use KODO in order to bring the SUVs appearance to new heights. One benefit that came out of using this particular design theme is that it made it possible to have a sophisticated exterior. This resulted in the CX-5 being able to convey better its functionality and sturdiness while showing that graceful sense of motion while increasing the anticipation of an exciting drive.

While this may be the first time it has been used in a production model, the KODO design theme was already revealed in 2010 as part of the sports coupe concept which was the 4-door Mazda Shinari. It was then used after that with the crossover compact SUV concept dubbed as the Minagi, the same model that would serve as the basis for the CX-5. By using the design theme in the CX-5, Mazda is saying that this is merely the start and a new generation of models will be using it as well. These models not only deliver more force but are faster while maintaining a more emotional motion.

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