Mazda2 electric car will arrive in the United States by 2018

Article by Christian A., on December 15, 2011

The first electric vehicle from Mazda is set to arrive in the United States by 2018. That’s right folks, an electric Mazda2 subcompact will debut in the U.S. within 6 years. The new Mazda2 EV, also known as the Demio EV in Japan, uses lithium ion batteries and has a range of 124 miles (200 km) on a full charge and has a top speed of 87 mph or 140 km/h.

Still, Mazda’s Chief Engineer Mitsuru Fujinaka said that the company will try to do it earlier, but the good news is that sooner or later we will see these electric vehicles.

For those who don’t know, Mazda has lagged in developing expensive electric and hybrid vehicles, as the company focused its r&d budget on overhauling its internal combustion engine lineup. Apparently, this is a less costly approach to achieving better fuel economy.

The bad news is that Mazda’s new Skyactiv body architecture is not ideal for EVs and the Japanese manufacturer needs a more efficient electric vehicle platform. The new Mazda2 EV will use a T-shaped lithium ion battery that sits under the front and rear seats, similar to the layout of the Chevrolet Volt's battery pack.

While the Mazda 2 remains to have the design DNA the brand has long been known for, its athleticism has evolved in a manner as to allow for that diverse yet bold expression of movement.

When it comes to compact cars, many of Mazda’s competitors generally put attention on having a boxy body form in order to put a priority on functionality. The brand however not only trimmed the corners but even shortened the overhangs of the body to the greatest extent that it could. As a result, it allowed the Mazda 2 to have that athletic and compact shape but in a manner that retains its feeling of stability while continuing to inspire confidence.

It started with making the base form and then adding in the lively character lines suited for a B-car. It is no wonder then that the Mazda 2 has a design that is unique yet timeless. The brand also put close attention to making a vehicle with driving dynamics that would inspire confidence plus a maneuverability that is focused more on the driver. This would result in a Zoom-Zoom driving experience, a quality that is considered as rather unique for its class.

That did not stop there as the brand also made sure that when it came to the development, it was just as important to look into the cost-effectiveness, be it going on a long trip or a daily drive. The Mazda 2 therefore is economical as it relates to fuel costs due to the remarkable fuel economy and the enhanced durability. However it was not all about lessening the body size as the brand also focused on the fact that the body having a tight form was itself a primary factor.

Being focused on creativity then was beneficial as it allowed for dynamic performance to be maximized in the compact body. This is known as the Zoom-Zoom Concentrated wherein the Mazda 2 is able to capture the spirit of the brand as it relates to having athletic and compact dynamic performance. For the exterior, the brand used the coordinated movement motif in order to come up with a design that would express well while having a solid form.

As such, the design team used the visual movements that resulted from the body lines, its silhouette, and the manner in which the different light patterns played on its body to give this model a multi-faceted and dynamic expression not usually seen in a B-car. The expressions display such a strong energy that it gives the new Mazda 2 an appearance of moving even though it is in fact simply standing still.

These are due to the unique character lines that start from the fender arches in the front and go all the way to the body shoulder plus the athletic wedge shape that brings with it a strong feel of forward motion. It also helps that there is that deeply sculpted form from where the body has been drawn to the A-pillar’s aft and the inward fore.

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