Assembled Pirelli winter tires for your McLaren Sports Series cars are now available

Article by Christian A., on December 1, 2017

Yes, there is no more reason to stay at home when it’s freezing outside. Some folks sometimes feel the need to just stay snuggled up at the fireplace most especially if the dreaded wet and snowy roads start to threaten those hot summer wheels. But what if you have better things to do than sip coffee all day or hang out with your bae while staring gloomily at the frosted window? Boy we’ve got some good news for you.

British car maker McLaren and Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli have partnered in developing a winter wheel and tire bundle for McLaren’s Sports Series. What does that mean exactly?

Pirelli has optimized the tires to perform whether on rain, snow or dry conditions and these have been integrated with McLaren’s tire pressure monitoring equipment that works in conjunction with the vehicle’s onboard systems. Developed for its latest 570S Spider as well as for the 570GT, 570S and 540C, each package will include four 14–spoke forged alloy wheels in Dark Metal Grey finish plus a set of Pirelli’s MC Sottozero 3 winter tires.

According to McLaren’s aftersales director Carl Whipp, selecting the right set of tires for the season should be a must in order for everyone to enjoy driving their cars throughout the year. It is also worth mentioning that having a second set of tires ready will let customers avoid the hassle of switching tires once the cold season fills the air. On the same note, McLaren owners will also be able to preserve and prolong the lifespan of their summer wheels when given an alternative option.

The MC stamp on the wheels only indicates the British marque's endorsement for the set of winter tires for all McLaren Sports Series models. Don’t want to splurge on the entire package? Well, customers can also have the option to purchase the Sottozero tires without the wheelset if buying a new set of wheels is not a priority.

The Pirelli McLaren Sottozero 3 tires are especially optimized for winter or at times when temperatures dip below 7 degrees Celsius. These tires are meant to be used on both wet and dry conditions to get a better grip on the road as it also reduces braking distance by 20% on snowy roads and 10% when wet as compared with non-winter tires. Winter tires perform better than summer tires when temperatures start to drop at this time of the year.

While not all places require switching to winter tires as seasons change, still, it would be best for folks living in North America, Europe and the UK to try and check out the Winter Wheels and Tires package now exclusively available at McLaren dealers.

Press Release

McLaren, Pirelli to deliver a new winter wheel and tyre package for McLaren Sports Series models

Lightweight forged alloy wheel and winter tyre set for McLaren Sports Series cars now available
McLaren-approved Pirelli MC Sottozero 3 winter tyres provide better grip and braking in adverse conditions when temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius
Having an additional set of wheels fitted with winter tyres allows drivers to quickly change between tyre types, according to legislative or seasonal requirements
McLaren, the British creator of luxury sports and super cars, has paired with its tyre partner, Pirelli to deliver a new winter wheel and tyre package for McLaren Sports Series models.

The McLaren Winter Wheels and Tyres set consists of four, 14-spoke Lightweight Forged wheels in Stealth finish, fitted with Pirelli MC Sottozero 3 winter tyres and incorporating the McLaren tyre pressure monitoring system.

Developed by McLaren and Pirelli engineers specifically for the McLaren Sports Series family – the 540C, 570S, 570GT and new 570S Spider – the set comes fully assembled and ready to fit, allowing owners to swap quickly and easily to winter tyres and enjoy their McLaren to the full throughout the colder months. Having a second set of wheels to combat the worst of the salt and other winter road debris also protects ‘summer wheels’, as well of course as extending the life of the tyres fitted.

“Choosing the right type of tyre to suit seasonal weather and road conditions should be a priority for every McLaren driver wanting to enjoy their car safely all-year round,” commented Carl Whipp, Aftersales Director, McLaren Automotive. “Regardless of whether winter tyres are a legal requirement, having them ready and waiting on a second set of wheels will allow customers to switch to the optimum tyre choice quickly and easily when winter arrives – which is why we have teamed up with our tyre partner, Pirelli, to offer the McLaren Winter Wheels and Tyres set exclusively through McLaren Retailers.”

Even in countries where winter tyres are not a seasonal legal requirement, fitting them is a wise move in cold, wet weather or if snow is a possibility. Pirelli MC Sottozero 3 tyres are branded with the ‘MC’ seal of approval and designed specifically for McLaren fitment to deliver optimal grip and control in adverse conditions. With a tread pattern that has a high drainage level reducing the chance of hydroplaning, the tyres provide maximum possible grip. They are effective on wet and dry roads when temperatures are low but not necessarily at freezing point; as a guide, once the ambient temperature regularly drops below 7 degrees Celsius (44 degrees Fahrenheit), both McLaren and Pirelli recommend the use of winter tyres.

Braking performance in poor road and weather conditions can also be significantly improved by fitting winter tyres. In comparison to summer tyres, the Pirelli MC Sottozero 3 could reduce the cold-weather stopping distance of a McLaren Sports Series car by 10% in wet conditions and by up to 20% on snowy roads.

The McLaren Winter Wheels and Tyres set is available now from McLaren Retailers in the UK, Europe and North America. McLaren owners who want to drive their Sports Series car all year round but do not wish to purchase an additional set of wheels can of course choose to have winter tyres fitted to the wheels already on the car and revert to alternative tyres when spring arrives.

Source: McLaren

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