McLaren 570S Spider will debut this year

Article by Christian A., on April 24, 2017

Following in the footsteps of the McLaren 570S, 540C and 570GT is the newest addition to the McLaren Sports Series -- the roofless 570S Spider. McLaren 570S was rolled out in coupe form 2 years ago, and we have been waiting for a convertible Spider version ever since. Now our fantasy can be a reality, as McLaren Automotive head honcho Mike Flewitt addressed the rumors and finally confirmed that the 570S Spider will be released possibly this year.

Flewitt is still silent about the further specs of the 570S Spider, however the up-and-coming sports car convertible will be built based on the Spider versions 650 and 675LT, which have been fitted with a folding hardtop.

The new 570S Spider will be equipped with a biturbo 3.8 L V8 engine, akin to its fixed-roof equivalent. When an auto manufacturer converts a coupe into a convertible, we can't help but think about the extra weight and lessened rigidity. However, the performance hasn't changed much, as the folding roof of the 570S Spider only puts on around 88 lbs (40 kg) and will not alter the 570S Spider's acceleration record from zero to 62 miles per hour (100 km per hour).

Mike Flewitt has not disclosed yet the actual pricing of the 570S Spider, and he is also mum on when the new super car be released. But it is expected that the 570S Spider’s price tag will be steeper than that of the classic 507's. Moreover, if the Woking-based company will decide to release the new McLaren then expect that the ultimate reveal will occur while the weather is warm as the automaker hopes to entice sunshine-loving patrons. Bad news for those anticipating a convertible version of McLaren's entry level 540C, as the company decided that it will not manufacture such a model.

The British automaker has foreseen that by the time the consumer will opt for one, then the price would probably be near to that of a 570S. It is just not that practical to produce alternatives of the entry level model. For now, McLaren is busy considering the production of the 720S is in the process, and a higher level 720LT is now in the process of development. Looking at the previous releases of the company, it is expected that a Spider equivalent vehicle may join the model range in the future.

With the new Composites Tech Center, the British company is expected to be able to produce a lot of supercars, and build scalable carbon fiber structures. The said site is expected to roll out vehicles by the year 2020. The British automaker is crazy busy nowadays, with the previous report being that McLaren will release a supercar codenamed the "BP23 Hyper GT". It was rumoured that the hybrid vehicle will be using a 4.0 L V8 biturbo engine that has an electric motor and battery pack. But all of these remains to be seen.


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