McLaren Group unveils McLaren GREAT 12C liveried car

Article by Anita Panait, on September 2, 2013

McLaren Group has unveiled its latest GREAT campaign liveried car, a McLaren 12C. The GREAT 12C has been designed to support as well as inspire British innovation. The unit dons the GREAT campaign’s graphics and the message ‘Innovation is GREAT.’ The GREAT 12C does not only underscore McLaren’s support for the GREAT campaign, but also highlights the United Kingdom's highly innovative technology sector.

The carmaker unveiled the GREAT 12C at the McLaren Technology Centre, graced by Vodafone McLaren Mercedes driver, Jenson Button. The GREAT campaign is aiming to reaffirm the UK's international reputation as well as deliver long-term economic benefits via additional tourism, investment and education.

McLaren 12C is considered as an ideal vehicle to showcase the UK as a hotbed of innovation since it is produced entirely in the UK at the McLaren Production Centre. 12C also features innovative technologies that were results of the carmaker's 50 years of experience and experience in Formula 1.

One of such technologies is the 75kg one-piece carbon fiber MonoCell chassis that the core structure of the 12C. The GREAT 12C is powered by a UK-built 3.8-liter V8 twin turbo engine, and features a number of cutting-edge technologies like Brake Steer and a Proactive Chassis Control System. The McLaren 12C highlights the fact that the world also demands for British innovation.  In fact, McLaren exports around 80 percent of its products to a sales network that covers the whole world.

Martin Whitmarsh, CEO of McLaren Group said:“McLaren is proud to be an ambassador for British innovation and to support the GREAT campaign.  The UK has led the world in the development of technologies which have changed people’s lives, from the jet engine to the internet.  I believe that we are now seeing a resurgence of that pioneering spirit and McLaren is playing its part.  The McLaren 12C is a tangible embodiment of technological creativity and I hope with that with its GREAT livery it will help draw international attention to what the UK’s high-tech industry is capable of, and inspire young people at home.”

McLaren disclosed that the MP4-12C specification from October 2012 has undergone a wide range of upgrades. Top changes, aside from a number of functional qualities, include improvements on the engine and the transmission paired to it. Engineers at McLaren Automotive made sure to put focus on developing the drivetrain. As such, it gave them the chance to increase the output of the twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 engine to 616 hp (625 PS) from 592 hp (600 PS).

The engineers also made sure that while the engine mapping was redesigned, the exceptional efficiency of the M838T remained untouched. Thus fuel economy under the EU combined cycle is still at 11.7 1/100 km (24.2 mpg) while CO2 emissions are at 279 g/km. Since the SSG 7-speed transmission, the same one paired to the engine, has been modified as well, it resulted in a throttle response that was truly crisper.

Further, the clutch control needed for the gear changes has been improved to become smoother and faster. An excellent feature in the new McLaren MP4-12C that is sure to attract customers is the advanced Intake Sound Generator (ISG). What this system does is that depending on what Powertrain mode is chosen, the engine intake noise that is in the cabin is controlled even at differing levels.

The modes are Normal, Sport, and Track Powertrain. Moving from the base to the higher mode helps improve the driving experience and the aural drama. Further, the engine noise experienced by the cabin changes especially when the throttle power has been applied and the revs increased. Under the 2013 version, drivers can choose what the level of the engine noise is with each mode. This is done through an electronic menu that can be accessed through the instrument cluster.

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