Mercedes-AMG C63 R gets rendered, seems ready to take on BMW M4 GTS

Article by Christian A., on April 3, 2017

Mercedes-AMG is supposedly planning to whip out a track-honed C63 in the next two years. The C-Class as we know, usually follows a 7-year cycle before coming up with a new product. According to Car and Driver, instead of giving it the Black Series badge, the model will take on the same route as the AMG GT R or in this case, it will be labeled as the C63 R.

In the hopes of improving its racetrack credentials, the new C63 R will be made more lightweight compared to the normal C63 S model. That is, despite having already impressive performance figures under its belt. For that, Mercedes-AMG will be working even further in improving the C63 S model’s current hp and torque output from its 4.0-liter twin turbo V8 engine.

Together with an extensive range of aerodynamic treatments, the C63 R will feature a massive fixed rear wing to make it more capable on the tracks. Aside from the lightweight carbon fiber roof, it will have significantly wider front wings to make way for a totally new bespoke suspension setup.

Ultimately, the engineers could easily shave off at least 100kilograms from the standard model’s 1725kg kerb weight—particularly if it does come with the no-rear-seat option.

If all these things are to exist in the next couple of years, then we could have found the perfect match for the BMW M4 GTS. Other than BMW’s track-ready sports car, the C63 R is likely to compete with Ford’s Mustang Shelby GT500, Chevrolet’s Camaro ZL1 and Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.

Unlike BMW, the C63 R could come in both sedan and coupe models. As we far as we know, its engine could generate more than 600 powerful hp coming from the rear wheels. Rather than the normal 375 kilowatt and 700 Newton Meters of torque output, the C63 R can more or less deliver 450kW and 850Nm (same with the latest Mercedes E 63 S). Given that amount of power, the C63 R can accelerate quickly from zero to 100km/h under 3.5 seconds. That is, before reaching a top speed of 320km/h.

It should be noted though that Mercedes-AMG hasn’t yet confirmed the report. In the previous years, the company has been using the Black Series label. However, since it started naming its track-honed performance models with “R” at the end-- just as it did with the AMG GT R for that matter, it’s no longer surprising if the track-honed C63 could theoretically use the same moniker.

Source: Indavdesign

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