Mercedes-AMG says that 805 hp hybrid V8 will enter production

Article by Christian A., on May 14, 2018

Before we saw the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe make its debut, it was previewed by a concept that’s even crazier with a biturbocharged 4.0 liter hybrid V8 that brings out as much as 805 horsepower (600 kilowatts). Now, the good news here is that we could see the same engine in the AMG vehicle down the line, but the bad news is that this engine didn’t get carried over to the final production model.

During an interview between Mercedes boss, Tobias Moers and Digital Trends, it was confirmed that the hybrid V8 engine will go into production “one day”. However, he did not say which particular model will get the said engine. However, he promised that engineers have been working on a production version.

Moers even brought up the GT concept that came out in Geneva last year. That particular model had a V8 engine in the front and an electric motor on the rear axle. He then added that everything here is in development and that the said model will go into production one day.

According to AMG, they will develop their own battery pack for the engine in an effort to reduce the car’s weight. To build the body, a lot of carbon fiber will extensively be used for the construction. But do not worry, as this will not have the same engine as a Toyota Prius. Furthermore, Moers said that the hybrid setup will still have the same aggressive exhaust note as its non-hybrid counterparts.

At this point in time, the automaker is still collecting a lot of input from companies, musicians, and even gaming people to figure out what the best sound is for an electric-driven AMG. Moers also said that they are not done with this yet and that if you run in electric mode, then it should be okay to have your freedom and quiet too.

Aside from the new turbocharged hybrid V8, the Mercedes Project One’s technologies will trickle down into the range, and this includes the AMG’s electric turbo. We have seen the same setup on models like the Audi SQ 7 performance crossover, but it will also make it to AMG performance cars in the future.

This year in Detroit, Mercedes AMG introduced a number of mid-range models denoted by the -53 suffix that rely on a mild hybrid system to boost performance, while also keeping fuel economy in check. Their very first model to represent this would be the really quick Project One. When you ask Moers about the future of V12 engines, he likes to mention “electrified powertrains” and the fact that these have a big potential for the future.

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