Mercedes-Benz confirms SLC sports car for 2014

Article by Christian A., on April 26, 2012

Mercedes-Benz said that its new sports car named the SLC has been approved for production and will be launched in 2014 with an estimated price of £75,000. Its officials are betting on the SLC to be a formidable rival to the Porsche 911. Mercedes-Benz’s evocatively styled two-door is the product of the collaboration between Mercedes' regular passenger car department and its performance car division, AMG.

Mercedes chief Dieter Zetsche said that the 'baby SLS' front-engined sports car will be added to the brand’s mid-size line-up. He also confirmed the existence of a program to launch 10 new and 22 heavily upgraded and/or facelifted models into the five market segments the German manufacturer operates before 2015 ends.

This strategy to expand is targeted at hitting the predicted growth rates of domestic rivals Audi and BMW until the middle of the decade. Mercedes will keep its traditional core models like the C, E and S-classes, and all their present variants.

However, its reach will be significantly extended at the lower end of its lineup. In addition, it will build on its luxury car portfolio to replace the Maybach models that will be phased out in the next two years. Its mid-size line-up will also have the new fourth-generation C-class expected to arrive in 2014 as well as future versions of the C-class estate and C-class coupe.

A new open-top C-class cabriolet is slated to appear in 2015, together with a facelifted version of the present SLK in 2014. To get to the younger generation of customers, Mercedes will add three new models to the more affordable end of the range.

These will join the newly launched B-class MPV and upcoming five-door A-class hatchback. There would also be a four-door saloon replacement for the CLC and a five-door CLC Shooting Brake that would be launched next year. Set to be introduced in 2014 is a junior SUV to be dubbed the GLC. All these vehicles will be built on the automaker’s very flexible MFA (modular front architecture) platform.

Pure emotion and athleticism -- these are qualities that best express what the new two-seater Mercedes-AMG GT is all about. By having the V8 biturbo mid-engine on the front, weight distribution is optimized and thus result in fantastic driving dynamics. Its bonnet is longer with the powerdomes now more noticeable. Other changes include the greenhouse being moved a bit more to the back and rounding up the unique look is the wide tail end and the large wheels. An advantage of having a large tailgate is that it is able to hide that practical luggage compartment.

Through its completely arched surfaces, the Mercedes-AMG GT is able to get a more sensual feel with a look as if it was sculpted. From its side, the combination of the frameless doors and the arched dome-shaped roofline are sure to catch one’s attention. Just outside the side wall is a muscular component that has been sculpted out which gives the new model that feeling of dynamism and lightness even when it is not moving.

Still on the side wall, the lines and surfaces are able to flow to the rear section in a narrow manner. However, the model does try not to have any lines on its shoulder area. As such, there is a single line just down which picks up until it ends with the bumper in the rear. Since it is able to stretch the body, it gives it that lighter appearance. There are air outlets on the side each having two fins.

This is a feature that is all too common in many sports cars of the brand. Making the design even better is the fact that since there are no visible aerials, the excellent overall look is maintained. Daimler AG Vice President of Design Gorden Wagener shares that the Mercedes-AMG GT is a sports car in its purest form. The combination of the flowing lines, strongly sculpted surfaces, and magnificent proportions, he added, ensure that the new model is a modern sports car that continues to have the spirit Mercedes is famous for. Without a doubt, the new GT is the best combination of intelligence and beauty, he continued.

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