Mercedes-Benz presents SLS AMG Emergency Medical Vehicle

Article by Christian A., on April 27, 2011

Mercedes-Benz unveiled at this year’s RETTmobil 2011 its latest emergency car in the form of the SLS AMG. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like to be sick but for a little ride in style with the SLS AMG emergency medical vehicle. For those who don’t know, the trade fair RETTmobil is the industry event for information and training of decision makers and managers of emergency services.

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is inspired by the legendary 300 SL from the 1950s and it is powered by an impressive 6.3-liter V8 engine built by AMG and capable to deliver 420 kW (571 hp) and 650 Newton metres of torque.

The engine is mated to a 7-speed double clutch transmission in transaxle configuration and can push the car from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds and has a top speed of 317 km/h (197 mph). Moreover the car features agile sports suspension with aluminium double-wishbone axles, an unique combination of high-tech features that guarantees the very highest level of driving dynamics.

Powering this new SLS offering is the 6.3-liter eight-cylinder V8 engine made by none other than Mercedes-AMG. With an output of 420 kW/571 hp at 6,800 rpm, this means that the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG can be considered as one of those sports cars that offers the most power in its segment. Since the weight was ensured to be low, the power-to-weight ratio stands at 2.84 kg/hp. Peak torque meanwhile has been measured at 650 Nm coming in at 4,750 rpm.

In terms of acceleration, it can go from 0 to 100 km/h in merely 3.8 seconds with electronically limited maximum speed at 317 km/h. These figures though remain to be conditional. With the M 159 internal designation, the high-revving V8 engine has 6,208 cubic centimeters of displacement and has been reengineered especially when compared to the entry-level M 156 engine. It also features the same characteristics one can observe from powerful racing engines.

One of the ways to increase the output was to put in the all-new intake system; having the camshafts and valve train that has been reworked; dethrottling its exhaust system, and making use of the tubular steel headers with its flow optimized.

This results in better charging for the cylinder and then feeding through the higher output of around 9%. Since the engine is able to respond immediately on any action done to the accelerator pedal, this showcases that high-revving flexibility on the whole rev range.

Another improvement done is that the engine can be positioned lower due to the shift to a dry sump lubrication. By having the engine offer a lower center of gravity, this allows for a more exciting driving dynamics and high lateral acceleration.

A higher output means that the engine load was increased and in order to compensate for this, the brand made sure to utilize high-strength components. Durability is more than guaranteed due to the reinforced crankshaft bearing, forged pistons, and optimized crankcase structure. Lubrication was improved due to the use of the high-performance on-demand oil pump.

Even with the higher loads, the weight of the M 159’s engine was lowered even further. Playing an important role are the forged pistons which perform as oscillating masses. This gives out a 205-kilogram kerb weight with a power-to-weight ratio at 0.36 kg/hp, an unequalled figure when compared to its rivals. With the use of the advanced catalytic converter technology, it can meet exhaust emission standards, both current and future, like ULEV, LEV 2, and EU 5.

While its sporty character remains to be uncompromising, it continues to meet even the most demanding of fuel consumption levels. Provisionally, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG has fuel economy at 13.2 liters for every 100 kilometers combined. This ensures that it continues to rank high in its segment. Features that improve the efficiency have been equipped like the cylinder walls with the twin-wire-arc-sprayed coating that is exclusive to the AMG and optimized for friction.

Then there is the intelligent generator management and the map-optimized on-demand oil supply. Once the engine undergoes braking and goes to the overrun phases, the kinetic energy is not wasted by producing heat but rather it is consumed in order to charge its battery. This recuperation assist system is activated not only when braking but it also creates the electrical energy from the braking energy. On the other end, the generator can even be changed to a no-load operation when accelerating and thus ensures that the load on its engine is lowered.

Press Release

Mercedes-Benz to RETTmobil 2011

Rescue workers need to include reliable and robust means of conveyance equipment. The offers have always been Mercedes-Benz with complex rescue vehicles on the RETTmobil 2011 of 11 to 13 May 2011 are shown in Fulda. The trade fair RETTmobil is the industry event for information and training of decision makers and managers of emergency services as well as full-time and part-time boards. The highlight of Mercedes-Benz is an unusual emergency medical car: a Mercedes-Benz AMG in silver with SLS EMERGENCY lettering and blue light beams.

Mercedes-Benz offers a variety of sources of information on mobility and training, which are also among the priorities of RETTmobil. In Hall 1, Booth 104, the brand with the star shows at the Exhibition Grounds in Fulda, among other things, a framework model of the security body Mercedes-Benz C-Class. The body section is illustrative of the safety passenger compartment of a modern car, which is explained by a presentation on the adjacent display. As a third exhibit next to the emergency medical vehicle and the frame model also see another rescue simulator based on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, which is suspended in a frame structure so that a continuous 180-degree rotation around the longitudinal axis possible. By an electric motor can be any position of accidental rolling movement can be simulated.

The RETTmobil 2011 is the international forum for innovation, safety, quality, competence and training for approximately 20,000 trade visitors from home and abroad. The eleventh edition of this fair is this year on two records: In addition to Mercedes-Benz 388 exhibitors from 16 nations represented, more than ever before.
The product portfolio of Mercedes-Benz smart enough in terms of saving up for Unimog or Zetros. Visitors and prospective customers can get advice on the structure and equipment options for such vehicles.

The Mercedes-Benz Sales Germany (MBVD) controlled by its headquarters in Berlin, the sales and service of Mercedes-Benz, smart, Maybach and Fuso in Germany. With about 1,200 Mercedes-Benz, 310 and 140 smart Fuso sales and service centers MBVD offers its customers a nationwide support network density. More information is available online at

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