Photos of MG E-Motion Concept leaked ahead of Shanghai debut

Article by Christian A., on April 19, 2017

Despite the MG E-Motion Concept set to be unveiled in a few days at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show, it appears that the internet once again managed to get the upper hand. Albeit rather grainy, a set of official images showing MG’s newest four-seater coupe has been released on the World Wide Web.

Images show that the exterior appears to have a rather stylish design especially with the use of butterfly doors and a more pronounced grille in the front. Clearly inspired from that of Mercedes-Benz, the grille carries on its center the MG badge and based on the photos, appears to light up mainly due to LEDs. At the top portion and placed at the corner of the grille are the sleek headlights which look similar to the ones on Mazda. Still, the headlights give the vehicle a more high-tech look and this feel is enhanced further by having cameras instead of the usual door mirrors.

Fitted to it are the alloy two-tone wheels and if we look up, we see the thick side skirts above which is the panoramic roof. Going to the rear, viewers will likely be surprised to see what may be the biggest diffusers placed in a car. Still on this section, there are the sweptback taillights with a spoiler lip cleanly integrated. Much like the bumper in the front, the rear bumper also has the “E-Motion” lettering placed on it. This serves two purposes with the first being that it emphasizes the name of this mode. The second is that it drives home the point that the model comes with an all-electric powertrain.

Sitting on beefy two-tone alloy wheels, the MG E-Motion appears to have a massive panoramic roof and chunky side skirts. The back of the car hosts one of the biggest diffusers we have ever seen along with sweptback taillights and a neatly integrated spoiler lip. As it’s the case with the front bumper, the rear one features “E-Motion” lettering in white to highlight the concept’s moniker and the fact it has an all-electric powertrain.

Considering that only design photos were revealed, there is no word yet on the specifications of the electric motor. Reports however are saying that it is possible that the motor, or motors for that matter, could enable the E-Motion to go from 0 to 62 mph (0 to 100 km/h) just below four seconds. The same reports are also saying that on a single charge, the range could be at least 310 miles (500 km).

While the E-Motion may be a concept car for now, Autocar has revealed that according to sources, there is a plan to put out a production version. If the plan proceeds as intended, it will mean the return of MG to sports cars, albeit as part of China-based SAIC. A company spokesperson though did say that the platform and the powertrain are almost near production. If the concept version gets good reviews on its Shanghai debut, the company said a road worthy version could be released in one and a half years.

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