This black H1 Truck #002 is Mil-Spec Automotive’s first customer truck

Article by Christian A., on July 24, 2018

When Mil-Spec Automotive unveiled the Launch Edition of its own makeover version of the Hummer H1 in May this year, the restoration/modification shop managed to attract not just the attention of the few. From its exterior to its interior, the Mil-Spec H1 Launch Edition definitely takes the Hummer H1 military-based civilian four-wheel drive utility into a new level. Now, the company is upping the tempo by releasing Truck #002 of the Mil-Spec H1.

The Mil-Spec H1 Truck #002 is essentially a follow-up to the H1 Launch Edition. The H1 Launch Edition was very impressive to the point that a customer eventually called Mil-Spec and asked the ute restoration/modification shop to build an iteration that suits his tastes and preferences. For this customer, ordering a Mil-Spec H1 truck seemed to be the next logical thing to do. So, here comes the H1 Truck #002, which exemplifies the company’s design, engineering, and execution capabilities

Being Mil-Spec Automotive’s first customer vehicle, the H1 Truck #002 features a number of distinct elements not found on the production Launch Edition series. These elements were basically fitted or installed into the H1 Truck #002 as specially requested by its discerning customer.

Among the specific customer-requested elements in the new Mil-Spec H1 Truck #002 include a fully adjustable air-ride system. This system, along with the installed air ride seats, allows the person behind the wheel to enjoy a sublime driving experience. A one-off air ride system is also installed into the H1 Truck #002, featuring proprietary suspension developments that enables up to seven inches of adjustable travel. The air-ride seats, on the other hand, come with an array of functions such as selectable massage, fully adjustable seat comfort supports, as well as heating and cooling.

Both the adjustable air-ride system and the air ride seats enable the driver and passengers to experience optimal levels of ride comfort wherever the new Mil-Spec H1 Truck #002 is driven, whether on the road or off the road.

In terms of exterior appearance, the new Mil-Spec H1 Truck #002 was requested by its owner to feature a class-leading slant-back top design, as finished in a Deep Sky Black matte Kevlar texture.

As for the interior looks, the customer availed of the "Executive Interior Package 1a", which basically enabled him to further personalize the cabinof the H1 Truck #002. Inside, the H1 Truck #002 boasts of a full leather interior as complemented by all black or powder-coated hardware. The leather-trim cabin essentially employs two textures of black leather. The H1 Truck #002 also features perforated leather seats as well as re-purposed leather grab handles, while the door panels and seat inserts feature distinct distressed hide.

Press Release

Mil-Spec Automotive

Mil-Spec Automotive (MSA) is proud to release its first customer vehicle. Truck #002 is a flagship example of MSA's capabilities through design, engineering, and execution. This truck is a follow up to MSA's Launch Edition press truck's release in May, with unique content not featured on production Launch Edition series.

002 is truly a bespoke truck: It was ordered directly by the customer with specific requests that make it truly one of a kind. The customer specifically requested an fully adjustable air-ride system along with air ride seats to make the driving experience of his MSA truck truly sublime. MSA integrated a one-off air ride system with proprietary suspension developments that allows for 7 inches of adjustable travel. This is coupled with aforementioned air-ride seats that feature a host of functions such as: selectable massage, heated/cooled, and fully adjustable seat comfort supports. The combination of both air ride systems allow for maximum on and off road comfort for the driver and passengers.

The configuration of #002 also features a best in class slant-back top design finished in a (course) matte Kevlar texture ("Deep Sky Black"). The customer also specified his truck to feature "Executive Interior Package 1a", which allowed him to spec his truck's interior. #002 also features all black/powdercoated hardware with a full leather interior. The interior features a base leather combination of two textures of black leather with a very unique distressed hide for the door panels and seat inserts. This truck is about the details, featuring perforated leather seats, re-purposed leather grab handles, and leather trimming throughout the cabin.

MSA is offering this truck to the public. Price: $290,837

Source: Mil-Spec

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