Mopar’s gift ideas for Christmas season

Article by Christian A., on December 3, 2010

These Christmas gift suggestions from Chrysler's Mopar division cover everything for the car enthusiast, the road-trip fan, as well as those related to daily travel, business, or fun. Pietro Gorlier, Mopar CEO, said that Mopar offers “hoodies to engine blocks and slush mats to camper trailers.”

He said that Mopar has over 280,000 proven quality-tested parts and accessories, many of which can be viewed on the Mopar eStore.

In its announcement, Mopar showcases 10 items but there are actually many more that could be seen on its Web site. Among the favorites include a special holiday ornament for the Christmas tree, camper trailers for Jeep vehicles, a logo hoodie and the Custom USB 2GB Drive.

The items that are expected to sell quickly include the aluminum Gen III HEMI engine blocks (100 lbs. lighter than the 6.1L production cast-iron blocks) or the Electronic Vehicle Tracking System (EVTS) – a first for the industry.

Mopar has everything that a car enthusiast or a road-trip warrior would want, from slush mats to camp trailers, and even hoodies to engine blocks. This statement was made by Pietro Gorlier, who is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mopar. Mopar is the parts, service and customer-care of the Chrysler Group. Gorlier added that regardless of how the car is used, whether it’s for daily travel or business-related, or simply for having fun, the Mopar has a wide range with its more than 280,000 parts and accessories.

Many of these can be availed at the Mopar eStore. For the holidays, Mopar's has released its Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas. The first is the Mopar Holiday Ornament which can be used to accessorize the Christmas tree. It is a white ornament with custom glass and has the Mopar logo. The Part Number (PN) is A66140042N with Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $8.95. Mopar offered free shipping for this particular item until December 25, 2010. To learn more, go to

Next is the Mopar Reflective Logo Crew Sweatshirt. This crew neck sweatshirt comes in black and has the very shiny Mopar reflective logo. The sweatshirt comes in sizes M to 3XL. The PN for this product is A66072842. The MSRP for sizes M–XL is $26.95 while the 2XL–3XL sweatshirts are priced at $27.95. Shipping is free until December 25, 2010. To learn more, go to Third on the list is the Mopar Logo Hoodie which is more than perfect for the holiday weather.

It carries the Mopar logo on its chest and is available in Charcoal and sizes M–3XL. PN is A66062942 and the MSRP for sizes M–XL is $28.95 with sizes 2XL–3XL at $29.95. Shipping is free for this item as well until December 25, 2010, and for those who want to learn more, visit Next is the Mopar Custom USB 2GB Drive which is no less than perfect when it comes to storing important information or those beloved photos.

This 2GB USB drive is formed in the Mopar "Omega M" logo. The PN is A66010042N with MSRP at $39.75. Those interested may be pleased to learn that shipping is free but only until December 25, 2010. To learn more about this custom USB and other products, go to For those who want to ensure that their car’s carpet is protected from snow, water, or even mud, then the heavy-duty Mopar Slush Mats is the one for you.

PN will depend on the vehicle type with MSRP between $41 and $162. Next is the Mopar Short-throw Shifter. This particular shift lever has the embossed billet aluminum knob with the Mopar logo graphic. It enables precise shift under a 4.5:1 level ratio, just one inch shorter compared to the production version. PN is P5155284AB and MSRP stands at $129. The Mopar Electronic Vehicle Tracking System is another excellent gift for the holidays.

While the EVTS is similar to other products in that it allows owners to track their vehicles, the main difference is that Mopar allows for nationwide tracking without the need for a subscription. It comes in three packages which are Base, Silver, and Gold. Other features of the system include the real-time GPS stolen-vehicle tracking and the GPS stolen-vehicle locator. It also has the "Security Fence" feature which enables owners to set both speed and distance restrictions for their cars and be able to receive alerts through text when these limits are exceeded.

The Base Package has a PN of 82212457 with MSRP at $459, though installation is not included. The Silver Package meanwhile has PN of 82212459 and an Annual Fee of $149 which is renewable and includes a one-year service. Finally the Gold Package comes in with an Annual Fee of $249 with the same one-year service offer of the Silver and is renewable as well.

Next is Mopar’s Uconnect Web. This system is one of the first in the industry to let consumers make their car become a wireless hotspot that has high-speed WiFi as well as offer hands-free 3G cellular connectivity. With this system, there is direct access to websites, e-mail, customized music, photo albums, and even online gaming to name a few.

PN is 82211856 and MSRP is $499. Next, the company offers the Mopar Aluminum Gen III HEMI Engine Blocks. Since these are lighter by 100 lbs. compared to the cast-iron blocks of the 6.1L production version, it improves performance, offering better acceleration, enhanced braking, and added vehicle dynamics. Depending on the finished specifications, the PN is available in three different part numbers.

This product has a MSRP of $4,485. Completing the holiday list are the Jeep Camper Trailers. Whether you’re a hard-core enthusiast who wants to spend time in the wild or simply a Jeep lover who wants to go on an adventure with the family, this off-road camper trailer from Mopar and Jeep could be the one for you. This Jeep Trail Edition camper utilizes lightweight tubular-aluminum construction to ensure that it lasts longer and that there are minimal issues encountered in towing it.

But that’s not all. The Jeep Extreme Trail also provides additional ground clearance, has a heavy-duty frame, and even a full-underbody skid plate. There are six part numbers available for the Jeep Trail Edition Camper. MSRP is at $9,995. The Jeep Extreme Trail Edition Camper also has six part numbers with MSRP at $11,995.

Press Release

Mopar Announces Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas

Don't forget his or her car this holiday season.

To help find the perfect gift for the automotive enthusiast on your shopping list, Mopar® announced its Top 10 list of holiday gift ideas. A complete list of authentic parts and accessories is available at

"From hoodies to engine blocks and slush mats to camper trailers, Mopar has everything for the car enthusiast and road-trip warrior on your list," said Pietro Gorlier, President and Chief Executive Officer – Mopar, Chrysler Group's service, parts and customer-care brand. "Whether you use your car for daily travel, business or just for fun, Mopar covers the spectrum with more than 280,000 proven quality-tested parts and accessories, many of which are available on the Mopar eStore."

Mopar®'s Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas

Mopar Holiday Ornament: Moparize and accessorize your Christmas tree with a Mopar holiday ornament. This white, custom glass ornament prominently features the Mopar logo. Part Number (PN): A66140042N; Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP): $8.95. Mopar offers free shipping on this item through December 25, 2010. Go to

Mopar Reflective Logo Crew Sweatshirt: Only Rudolph's nose shines brighter than the popular Mopar reflective logo on this black crew neck sweatshirt. Sweatshirts are available in sizes M–3XL. PN: A66072842; MSRP: M–XL, $26.95; 2XL–3XL, $27.95. Mopar offers free shipping on this item through December 25, 2010. Go to

Mopar Logo Hoodie: Perfect for cool holiday weather, this hoodie comes with the Mopar logo emblazoned across the chest. Available in Charcoal and in sizes M–3XL. PN: A66062942; MSRP: M–XL, $28.95; 2XL–3XL, $29.95. Mopar offers free shipping on this item through December 25, 2010. Go to

Mopar Custom USB 2GB Drive: Perfect for storing photos or information, this custom USB drive is fashioned in the form of the Mopar "Omega M" logo and stores up to 2GB of data. PN: A66010042N; MSRP: $39.75. Mopar offers free shipping on this item through December 25, 2010. Go to

Mopar Slush Mats: Keep water, snow and mud off of your vehicle's carpet with heavy-duty slush mats from Mopar. PN: varies, depending on vehicle; MSRP: $41 - $162.

Mopar Short-throw Shifter: This easy bolt-in shifter lever features an embossed billet aluminum knob with a Mopar logo graphic and allows for precise shifts with a 4.5:1 lever ratio, one-inch shorter than the production version. PN: P5155284AB; MSRP: $129.

Mopar Electronic Vehicle Tracking System (EVTS): With industry-first EVTS, owners will always know the location of their vehicle. Unlike other vehicle tracking systems, Mopar offers nationwide vehicle tracking without a subscription. Three available packages (Base, Silver and Gold) include GPS stolen-vehicle locator, real-time GPS stolen-vehicle tracking and "Security Fence," a feature that allows owners to set speed and distance parameters for their vehicles and receive text alerts when parameters are exceeded. Base Package PN: 82212457; Base MSRP: $459 (installation not included); Silver Package PN: 82212459; Silver Annual Fee: $149 (one-year service, renewable); Gold Package PN: N/A; Gold Annual Fee: $249 (one-year service, renewable).

Uconnect® Web: Mopar's industry-first system allows consumers to make their car a wireless hotspot with high-speed WiFi and hands-free 3G cellular connectivity. System provides instant access to websites, e-mail, personalized music, online gaming, photo albums and more. PN: 82211856; MSRP: $499.

Aluminum Gen III HEMI® Engine Blocks: Mopar HEMI® Gen III Aluminum Blocks are 100 lbs. lighter than the 6.1L production cast-iron blocks, providing added performance in more ways than one, including better acceleration, braking and vehicle dynamics. PN: Available in three part numbers, depending on finished specs; MSRP: $4,485.

Jeep® Camper Trailers: Whether you're a Jeep® lover hitting the trails with the family or a hard-core enthusiast heading into the wild, Mopar and Jeep have you covered with industry-first off-road camper trailers. The Jeep Trail Edition camper features an extensive use of lightweight tubular-aluminum construction in order to ensure a long life and trouble-free light-weight towing. The Jeep Extreme Trail Edition camper ups the ante with a heavy-duty frame, more ground clearance and a full-underbody skid plate. Jeep Trail Edition Camper PN: Available in six part numbers; Jeep Trail Edition Camper MSRP: $9,995; Jeep Extreme Trail Edition Camper PN: Available in six part numbers; Jeep Extreme Trail Edition Camper MSRP: $11,995.

Mopar-First Features

Mopar has introduced numerous industry-first features including:

Camper trailers: first to introduce off-road camper trailers
Vehicle-information apps: first to introduce smartphone vehicle-information applications, a new channel of communication with consumers
Electronic owner manuals: first to introduce traditional owner manuals in a DVD and brief user-guide format
Electronic Vehicle Tracking System (EVTS): first to market with a new interactive vehicle tracking device that sends owner a text when vehicle is driven too fast or too far based on pre-set parameters
2011 Mopar Challenger Drag Pak: first to introduce a 500-plus cubic-inch V-10 drag-race package car
Wi-Fi: first to offer customers the ability to make their vehicle a wireless hot spot
WiTECH: first to support vehicle diagnosis and software updates leveraging off-the-shelf personal computers and a dedicated wireless tool network

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