Top-ranging Tesla Model 3 is not bad at all for $59,500

Article by Christian A., on August 4, 2017

Tesla was able to keep its promise of offering the Model 3 for the affordable starting price of $35,000, but there’s a treat available for those who want more features and have money to spare. In fact, the top-of-the-line Model 3 costs just $59,500. This is quite a relief for those who find the entry level Model S’ $69,500 too high-priced.

The Standard Model 3, which packs about 220 miles of range, boasts a 130mph top speed and the ability to take only 5.6 seconds to sprint from zero to 60 miles per hour. On charging, the base model gets at least 130 miles of range per 30 minutes using Tesla’s Supercharger while the 240V home outlet with 32A gives about 30 miles of range per hour.

Since the most affordable model won’t be ready until the following year, Tesla buyers for the meantime might need to shift their attention to the Long Range trim option that sells for about $44,000. The slightly higher price can be attributed to its 300 miles of range, 5.1 seconds quicker acceleration and 140mph top speed. More than that, the Long Range also gets to charge faster than the base model with up to 37 miles of range per hour on a 240V home charger and 170 miles of range per 30 minutes on a 480V charging station.

Of course, buyers who want more than just a stock Tesla Model 3 can have the optionally available Premium Upgrade Package for an additional price. At $7,500, this comes with better center console, an LED –infused foglamps, a pair of heated side mirrors with auto dimming function, UV and Infrared-safe tinted glass roof, premium audio sound system, USBs, heated seats and 12-way power adjustable front seats.

Opting for more stylish wheels may set you back another extra $7,500, available in the Premium Upgrade package. You may also get a custom paint job done on your standard Model 3. Also, get ready to pay an additional $5,000 if you want Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot system installed.

While the standard Model 3 comes cheap, customers who can afford it may have to wait longer to finally get their hands on the new car. With about 500,000 currently on the wait list, Tesla will see to it that the company will be able to produce those numbers in its first year. That is, if no problems are encountered. For the record, Tesla’s plans are definitely ambitious with its goal of building half a million units a year when it hasn’t even been able to produce 100,000 units of any model yet. We’ll find out later where this would go but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that they meet this very ambitious production demand.

Source: Tesla

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