Musical media campaign for 2014 Toyota Corolla launched

Article by Anita Panait, on September 4, 2013

Toyota is launching the redesigned 2014 Corolla in a media campaign that involves musical memories associated with various vintage Corollas. Toyota didn’t divulge what the campaign costs but it should be high, considering that launching the redesigned Camry two years ago cost over $175 million. The ads we’ve seen since early September appear to have been inspired by "The Ed Sullivan Show," a grunge nightclub, "Soul Train," a curbside breakdance contest, and a modern dubstep flash-mob street scene.

Toyota is showing how the Corolla of each era has been a part of musical evolution and how it affects all demographics. The ads -- part of the campaign known as "Elevate Your Style" – have scenes that are in supersaturated color, in contrasting black-and-white, or darkened blur depending on the time being portrayed. It’s unclear what the settings are but making the ads truly pop out is its music. For the ad, Toyota got the rights to songs such as Le Freak by Chic and Rusty Cage by Soundgarden.

Toyota didn’t just focus its campaign on TV. Social media play a big role with Vine and Instagram as shared-content channels while Online, Yahoo!, MSN, YouTube and Hulu will show the sponsored content.  In addition, Toyota made an app that allows those with iPads to get a 360-degree view of the car's interior and exterior. Shoppers are also able to put in their personal notes.

There’s a comparable version via a content-sharing application on Google. Toyota’s head of marketing product communications Jim Colon said that the automaker is aiming to connect with a broad range of buyers in ways that are personally made according to their media-consumption habits. Colon added that Toyota will make use of every currently available digital, social and traditional opportunity.

When the Corolla Furia Concept made its official appearance during the North American International Auto Show, it revealed for the first time the “Iconic Dynamism” theme. Under the newest Corolla, this theme is explored further through a visual impact made possible by an exterior design that is both chiseled and more expressive. The proportions are not only tighter but are revealed to be more athletic. These are then placed on a wheelbase that, when compared to the current version, has been extended by an additional 3.93 inches (100 mm).

Other changes include a narrower expression for the front and the rear sections, compact overhang, and the wheels being positioned more to the corners. As a result, the new Corolla, even when not moving, is able to showcase a compact sedan that is more dynamic. When compared to the current Corolla, the new version has a more compact look despite being longer by 3.90 inches (99 mm). This is mainly due to how the new model is shaped, specifically in the way it narrows not just in the front but the rear as well. Thus, it highlights not just the wheels-to-the-corner posture but even the wheel arches.

Toyota revealed that one of the challenges faced in coming up with an original design concept for the new model was that it needed to have a sleeker look and to do this, it meant further utilizing corners that were more deeply rounded. However, if standard headlamps were used, its thick structure would mean that the look sought after would be obscured. In order to achieve what it set out to do, the brand adopted lamp assemblies that, while using LED, were both compact and sleek.

Doing this meant that the corner mass would be lowered while also highlighting the front-end and narrowed rounded-corner design theme. Further, because the use of an LED lamp results in low heat generated, the brand could refrain from using conventional glass and instead have PES resin lens, which are lighter. In addition, this also makes the Corolla the first ever compact sedan to have LED headlamps included as standard.

Design-wise, the front fascia of the new Corolla offers more expression considered that the details on top of the trapezoidal grill are more prominent and sharper. This grill is positioned under the hood, more specifically just below a thin intake inlet. Looking closer at the front section, it is clear that it continues the design theme implemented on the Avalon and the Camry. This design theme results in a more assertive and sleeker impression of the brand’s compact sedan given the precisely sculpted surfaces.

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