New Bentley SUV to receive a V12 engine, will be world’s most luxurious 4x4

Article by Christian A., on October 10, 2011

It’s not a secret anymore that Volkswagen Group is preparing a Bentley SUV but what we didn’t know is that the firm wants the car to become the world’s most luxurious 4x4 powered by a V12 engine.

Currently, the only rival to the new Bentley SUV will be the Eterniti Hemera which is based on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and powered by a V8 engine. “We will be first to use a 12-cylinder petrol engine in a luxury SUV. I like this idea; it makes clear whose car is the boss,” said Bentley CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer.

According to Autocar, the new Bentley SUV will be powered by a next-generation version of today’s W12 engine used by the Continental GT and GTC models. Same Durheimer said that he likes the packaging advantage of the W12 engine compared with a V12.

Moreover, the SUV’s engine bay will be designed in order to accept a vee engine as well, because the Bentley SUV is also expected to receive a V12 TDI engine a few years after launch.

And yes, we are talking about a next-generation version of Audi’s 6.0-liter V12 TDI engine used by the Audi Q7 SUV. In order to get things moving, Bentley recruited last month a new chief engineer from Porsche, Rolf Frech, to replace Ulrich Eichhorn. Regarding the launch of the SUV, expect it in 2015.

“The production date will be dictated by the cyclicity of models,” he said. “The Mulsanne came in 2010, then the Continental no more than a year later. The lifespan of a model is usually six to eight years, so the new model will be valuable when we are expecting a lull.

The downswing is the time to introduce this SUV.” What is more interesting is that 99% of the people who own a Bentley also own an SUV, which means that the vehicle will definitely be a success.

When driving in urban areas, the Bentayga offers various systems aimed at helping the driver. One of this is known as Top View wherein four cameras are utilized in order to give the driver an image of what the surroundings look like and thus improve daily usability.

Another interesting system is the Rear Crossing Traffic Warning which makes use of radar technology in order to identify any crossing traffic as the vehicle is reversing its way out a parking space. Speaking of parking, it also has Park Assist. Whether parking in a perpendicular manner or a parallel one, this particular system is able to determine the appropriate parking space and then initiates autonomous steering in order to help with the parking.

This is a very helpful system especially in tricky or narrow parking areas. Then there is the Traffic Sign Recognition which detects a wide range of traffic-related displays and signs and then transmits it to the driver. Other systems equipped in this model are aimed to deliver what may be the widest range of on-road and off-road drive setting. A good example would be the Drive Dynamics Mode with the Responsive Off-Road Setting available as an option. There is a maximum of eight modes that the driver could choose from just by turning a dial to get the best configuration for whatever surface or any road condition there is.

Complementing this system is the Bentley Dynamic Ride, which has a 48V active roll control that is electronically triggered, and the EPAS or Electric Power-Assisted Steering. Whereas the Responsive Off-Road Setting ensures that the driver is able to choose the best settings for off-road surfaces, the Driver Information Panel on the other hand shows all the important data like the altitude, compass bearing, pitch, roll, steering angle, and wheel articulation.

Its Adaptive Cruise Control, or ACC, has the Traffic Assist, Predictive ACC, and Stop & Go features. With this, the system makes use of cameras, sensors, and navigation data in order to determine any possible changes in the speed limit, city boundaries, or upcoming corners. The system then alters the speed as needed, enhancing fuel economy and comfort. Indeed, the many advanced assistance systems, as well as the various infotainment features, were fitted in order to improve the Bentayga in terms of convenience, comfort, and safety. It is no wonder that the Bentayga is a luxury SUV that is both advanced and connected.

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