New Subaru Justy to debut at the Tokyo Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on August 29, 2010

According to the latest reports from Japan's Best Car Magazine, it appears that besides the new Toyobaru Sports Car, the Tokyo Motor Show will also see a new version of the Subaru Justy. The new car will include redesigned front and rear bumpers, new headlights as well as a new front grille.

Unfortunately these are the only details available for the moment, but as soon as we will find out something we will let you know!

Interestingly, the new Subaru Justy has some elements endowed with an aerodynamic design. These elements include the newly designed colored front bumper that now comes with an air-dam flap at the bottom for better airflow control under the floor.

Likewise, the front lower ends of the fender liners are now extending downwards – similar to flaps – to direct the air coming from the front downwards. While the Justy's eye-shaped larger headlamps are capable of amply illuminating the road at night, they are now angled upwards and come with a manual levelling switch.

All Justy models are equipped, as standard, with colored electric door mirrors and colored outer handles. Customers could specify their Justy in any of the five available colors: Black mica metallic, Maroon mica, Mint blue metallic opal, Red and Silver metallic. Accentuating the exterior of the Justy are aluminum alloy wheels wrapped in 175/65R14 tires (standard for the 1.0S model) or 155/80R13 tires (standard for the 1.0E model).

Subaru has given the Justy with a well-designed interior. It features a rounded dashboard that extends to the door trim, which provides the interior with a spacious feeling. The dashboard's functional lower part offers additional utility spaces. Subaru took out both the speedometer and the tachometer (which have a double-meter design) from the dashboard and mounted them on the steering column, thereby allowing the driver to read them easily regardless of what the seat height is.

On the other hand, the information display located in the center of the meter now includes only an odometer and the trip meters. It also shows the current and the average fuel consumption. Subaru equipped the Justy with a three-spoke, urethane steering wheel with a tilt function.

Featured as standard are elements like a vanity mirror with a lid for driver and passenger, a map lamp and a luggage lamp. The Justy 1.0S model also features a chrome accented gearshift knob as standard. Available as an option is a 1-DIN audio unit – featuring single-CD player, AM/FM radio -- with two speakers for the 1.0E model and with four speakers for the 1.0S model.

Drivers of the Justy 1.0S could use the seat height adjuster for the front seat to achieve the optimum driving position. On the rear, the seatback can be reclined by up to five degrees for more comfort. Moreover, the rear seat can also be folded down with a 60/40 split. For added utility, the sliding seat cushion can flatten the rear seat space to have more luggage room and to ensure is there is no gap where cargo might slip through.

Rear passengers could now open the rear doors by nearly 80 degrees, which means easier ingress and egress. Additionally, the Justy's rear gate now features a wide opening – measuring 191 cm from the bottom edge of the rear gate to the ground – for easier loading and unloading.

Astonishingly, the Justy comes with a number of storage spaces located conveniently throughout the car like a front door pocket, a pocket on the passenger seat, and a drink holder. Moreover, the Justy features a glove box with vertical partitions, a storage compartment in the front armrest, and a separately lit multi-purpose storage tray. The front and rear seat are provided with two cup holders each.

Press Release

Subaru Justy

Inside the sharp and stylish exterior lies an interior that not only emphasizes design with creative features such as the tilt-adjustable speedometer but also provides practicality. This practical and casual compact provides numerous convenient storage areas and ample cargo space, and the versatile DOHC engine delivers effortless cruising and class-leading performance in the city or out on the open road. Justy 1.0S The 1.0S adds a sporty touch to the other functional characteristics of the Justy. Justy's ability to adapt to a range of everyday tasks is enhanced by a sports package that includes a chrome accented shift knob and aluminium alloy wheels. You will enjoy this sporty compact by taking advantage of the highly responsive accelerator and really appreciating the free-revving 1.0-litre DOHC engine.
Justy: Exterior

Exterior Design
Some features have been given an aerodynamic design. The coloured front bumper was newly designed and equipped with an air-dam flap at the bottom to control airflow under the floor. The front lower ends of the fender liners extend downwards like flaps so that the air coming from the front is directed downwards. Sufficient light for nighttime driving is provided by the eye-shaped larger headlamps that are angled upwards and include a manual levelling switch. Coloured electric door mirrors as well as coloured outer handles are standard for all models.
Wheels: 155/80R13 tyres are standard for the 1.0E model. 175/65R14 tyres with aluminium alloy wheels are standard for the 1.0S model.
Colours: Five colours available = Silver metallic / Red / Black mica metallic / Mint blue metallic opal / Maroon mica

Justy: Interior

Interior Design
The rounded dashboard extends to the door trim giving a spacious and wide-open feeling to the interior. The lower part of the dashboard is highly functional and provides some utility spaces. A three spoke, urethane steering wheel with a tilt function has been adopted. The speedometer and tachometer, arranged in a double-meter design, have been taken out of the dashboard and mounted on the steering column. This positioning helps the driver easily read the meters no matter the seat height. The information display, located in the centre of the meter, includes an odometer, and trip meters, as well as displaying current and average fuel consumption.
A 1-DIN audio unit (single-CD player, AM/FM radio) is available, with two speakers for the 1.0E model, and with four speakers for the 1.0S model.
A vanity mirror with a lid for driver and passenger, a map lamp and a luggage lamp are standard for all models.
The chrome accented gearshift knob is standard for the 1.0S model.


The seat height adjuster for the front seat can adjust the height of the entire seat to provide an optimum driving position for drivers (1.0S model only). The rear seat arrangement is another innovative feature providing comfort and utility when carrying passengers. The seatback can be reclined by up to five degrees and the rear seat can also be folded down independently with a versatile 60/40 split. The sliding seat cushion* can make the rear seat space flat creating an additional luggage space easily and also ensuring that there is no gap where cargo would slip through to the floor. The rear doors open nearly 80 degrees to facilitate the rear seat usability. The rear gate also has a wide opening (bottom edge of the rear gate to the ground when opened is 191 cm) making it easy to load and unload the vehicle.

The variety of convenient storage spaces throughout the vehicle includes a front door pocket, drink holder and a pocket on the passenger seat**. There is also a storage compartment in the front armrest, a glove box with vertical partitions and a separately lit multi-purpose storage tray. Two cup holders each are available for the front and rear seat.
*For safety reasons, passengers should not ride in the rear while the rear seats are slid forward.
**1.0S model only

Justy: Engine / Transmission

In-line 1.0-litre DOHC
Lightweight, compact, and quiet, this is one of the most efficient 1.0-litre engines in the world. It offers a wide spread of high-end power and low speed versatility thanks to the valve timing system, allowing the engine to deliver class-leading fuel consumption of 5.0 lit./100 km (Combined)* which is matched by one of the lowest CO2 emissions of 118g/km*. In addition, the self-regenerating high-performance catalytic converter can last much longer than conventional ones to guarantee that its ability to clean exhaust gas does not lessen as the engine gets older.
*According to 2004/3/EC

5-speed transmission
5-speed manual transmission allows you to take maximum control of the full range of abilities offered by the punchy 1.0-litre engine.

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