New Toyota GT 86 to go on sale in June 2012 for as low as £24,995

Article by Christian A., on February 3, 2012

Price for the new Toyota GT 86 will begin at £24,995 when it goes on sale in June. The vehicle is one of the most keenly anticipated new vehicles this year. This figure is the on-the-road, entry price for this sports coupe. Further details about the pricing and specification will be revealed as the time of launch nears.

The GT 86 was presented at the Tokyo motor show last year, marking a return to the pure enjoyment of driving. It is designed to be entirely driver-focused, offering a classic rear-wheel drive, front-engine set-up in a compact, nimble and light chassis. The power plant is a flat-four 2-liter "boxer" unit that provides a maximum 197bhp (147kW), complemented to a six-speed manual or automatic transmission.

The power is dissipated to the rear wheels through a limited slip differential in order to provide the best possible grip in all driving conditions. Those interested in the vehicle can now place their orders in advance. Many customers in the United Kingdom have already signed up to be among the first ones to own the GT 86 when it arrives in the country this summer.

The Corolla Levin AE86, with its consistently splendid performance and thrilling drivability, has formed a distinct bond with its owners and car enthusiasts through the years. Now, the AE86 has been made significantly better using technologically advanced engineering, further solidifying the iconic Toyota sports car’s hold as one of the best in its category.

The AE86’s boxer engine, with an 86mm x 86mm square bore and stroke configuration, has been providing the power for the compact sports car throughout its illustrious history. It is interesting to note that the famous 3M engine used for the Toyota 2000GT and the equally popular 1G-G engine which powered the Supra were both in-line, six cylinder types, with square bores and slightly smaller 75 mm strokes. As for the Toyota Celica and the two-seater MR2, a more compact in-line four-cylinder engine with a square bore and larger 86mm stroke, similar to the AE86’s stroke, was used. And in keeping with consistency in dimensions, the Toyota GT 86’s exhaust pipe is also designed to be 86 mm in diameter.

Packaged to Deliver the Ultimate in Sports Driving Enjoyment

With its impressively minute dimensions of 4,240 mm length, 1,775 mm width, 1,285 mm height and 2,570 mm wheelbase, the new Toyota GT 86 earns the bragging rights for the world’s most compact four-seater sports car! Furthermore, the GT 86’s overall weight has been reduced to the 1,200 kg range through the implementation of weight saving measures.

Moreover, the horizontally opposed-four, front-mounted boxer engine configuration has allowed Toyota engineers to achieve the lowest driver hip-point of 400 mm, the lowest ever for any Toyota production vehicle. In the process, this very low driver hip-point has given the GT 86 an incredibly low center of gravity of just 460 mm.

To achieve an amazing weight distribution ratio of 53:47 for the GT 86, the powertrain and the driving position have been moved back and set as low as possible, resulting in the car’s superb stability and balance. However, it is important to note that the ideal static weight distribution of a vehicle is dependent on its engine power. A 51:49 front bias ratio is recommended for a 150 hp vehicle, while a vehicle with a similar chassis, but powered by a 300 hp engine, requires a 50:50 ratio.

Tests have also revealed that during energetic and vigorous driving, the Toyota GT 86’s 53:47 front bias ratio had the most ideal response in terms of steering sensitivity, including throttle and brake responsiveness, which gave drivers better overall control of the car given its dynamic weight distribution.

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