Next-generation Toyota Supra offers 400+hp V6 turbo engine and a manual transmission

Article by Christian A., on August 25, 2017

Toyota has been silently preparing for the eventual comeback of the Toyota Supra sports car for some time now. Because of this silence, it has been left to discerning fans and enthusiasts as well as potential customers to dig further into the details about the next generation of the Supra. Just recently, some juicy details sprouted in a certain online forum about the upcoming Supra.

These details were divulged to forum member Canyonero by a certain Toyota representative who goes by the name of Dave. It turned out that Canyonero had dinner with Dave, and that was when the Toyota rep started spilling the beans.

The information about the next generation Supra was rather short, but it already tells a lot. According to Canyonero, Dave said that Toyota will commence sales of the new Supra sports car in early 2019. Power would be sourced from an engine jointly developed by Toyota and BMW.

This engine – definitely not the German premium carmaker’s ubiquitous 3.0 twin turbo inline 6 unit – will be tuned to provide more than 400 horsepower for the Supra. Dave also disclosed that the Supra might be powered by a 3.5 V6 turbo engine and a hybrid version could also be offered by Toyota. Customers may opt to have the power sent to the wheels through an available manual transmission.

According to Canyonero, Dave is a reliable insider, considering that he was involved with product development for every car that Toyota makes for the North American market. Canyonero said that this gave Dave some interesting insight into Toyota product planning, development, and execution.

The revelations made by Dave could be true, but there are some contradictions to some internal documents from BMW that were recently leaked. The documents – with around 177 pages – indicate a list of BMW designation for cars and motorcycles as well as details of partners like Rolls Royce, Land Rover, and Toyota.

According to the documents, the Supra would only be available in automatic transmission, with power sent to the rear wheels. United States-bound Supra will be powered by any of the two available engines: a four-cylinder unit that delivers 248 hp (185 kW) and a six-cylinder mill that provides 335 hp (250 kW). Europe-bound Supra will have another four-cylinder option.

However, it seems that the documents are still incomplete – it is a few months old – which means that some models might have not been listed. This gives rise to the hope that a manual version of the Supra would be available. Moreover, if Dave is to be believed, a manual version of the Toyota Supra would be available for the market.

Of course, all of these are either insider information or based on leaked documents, the authenticity of which have yet to be confirmed.


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