Next-generation Jaguar F-Type could adopt mid-engine layout

Article by Christian A., on November 23, 2016

The mid-engine with rear-wheel-drive layout “competition” heats up. That’s right. Jaguar’s director for design Ian Callum is well aware of the popularity of mid-engine among sports car enthusiasts. And guess what? He has actually been toying with this idea for years.

Callum had spoken with Road & Track at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show recently. During the discussion, he shared titbits on what to expect with the new Jaguar. Instead of a rear-wheel-drive with front engine, Callum hinted about changing the car’s “proportion”. And by that, he probably also meant placing the engine behind the front seats. What do you think?

We know for a fact that Lamborghini and Ferrari have already done this with the Huracan and the 488. For something that has sold over 4,600 units since last year, the F-Type undoubtedly is one of Jaguar’s bestsellers. Aside from its extensive choice of engines, the sports car is also offered in both coupe and convertible variants. Perhaps all that’s missing is a Jaguar with a mid-engine set-up.

Even so, Callum did not disclose any specific details or anything to do with its specs and performance. But the upcoming Jaguar would most probably beat the current F-Type SVR’s 575 hp. Moreover, Jaguar uncovered the I-Pace electric SUV concept at the event. This made him realise the inevitable possibility of an electric sports car. We’ll have to wait and see about that. In the meantime, let us first look forward to Jaguar’s all-electric crossover SUV this 2018.

Callum explained how they came up with the first all-electric production model and pointed out the significance of a utility vehicle more than anything. Also, the I-Pace features 400hp and 516lb.-ft of torque. Jaguar positioned its battery pack at the floor pan just like most electric production vehicles. We also found out that the concept SUV can go from 0-6mph in just 4 seconds, which is impressive.

There’s still a lot of time for Jaguar before it has to decide on what the upcoming F-Type should really look like. Besides, adopting a new set-up for its engine may or may not end up with the traditional long hood and short bonnet like other sports cars have. The current F-Type model as we know was initially rendered as a mid-engine. And that didn’t come into production. Though still undecided, at least they are keeping their options open once again. Either way, the design director is obviously into “proportions” and whatever he means by that, we’re quite positive that the Jaguar F-Type will keep its elegance and simplicity above all.

Source: Road and Track

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