Next generation McLaren Sports Series could get a V6 hybrid drivetrain

Article by Christian A., on March 24, 2017

McLaren is said to be designing the next generation of Sports Series, which could include a V6 hybrid among its powertrain options. It was earlier reported that the British automaker has a 6-year plan to develop hybrid electric powertrains for its supercars. McLaren however did not elaborate much on the details about its “Track 22” project.

In a recent interview with Car & Driver, McLaren’s CEO Mike Flewitt said that it’s all about the character. For them, it doesn’t matter if it is going to be a V6, a V8, a V10 or a V12 as long as its performance is good. Also, as much as most people love the “manual-shifting V12”, he thinks it’s rather outdated by twenty years. This is why they are not so attached to the “cylinder count” from the very beginning. Instead, the CEO pointed out the fact that they are more into “performance and excitement”.

Having just come out with V8 engines a couple of years back, the McLaren 570 S and 540C are still using the same updated engine versions of the V8. Though not yet confirmed, the current V8 could be replaced especially after Flewitt commented that they are working on a new V6 hybrid powertrain.

If ever that’s the case, the hybrid setup could sit perfectly well on the new generation Sports Series. But that could be a long way off from now. McLaren is making a new manufacturing plant in Sheffield which is expected to come into completion by 2020. That also means the new Sports Series won’t be around just yet.

What keeps us wondering is where would McLaren likely get its new engine. By that time, it could also have developed a completely new engine for the Sports Series. Yet, there is also a chance that it will outsource --- like maybe from Honda. Honda, as we know has recently developed a hybrid V6 powertrain on the new Acura NSX. Well, we can only make assumptions for now.

As far as we can tell, Flewitt has only hinted on the upcoming BP23 super GT’s power boost which could be more powerful than the 903hp McLaren P1. Also, it does look like the hyper three-seat GT’s powertrain is going to be based on the latest 4.0-liter unit that basically comes with up to 1000hp and possibly with a more potent battery underneath.

Flewitt earlier made a promise that the BP23 would be its fastest road car. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this comes out with a “hybridized performance” of more than 900hp. This, we think is a development that we could be thrilled about.

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