Mercedes-AMG confirms that the next A45 will have over 400 hp

Article by Christian A., on April 27, 2017

Back in 2013 was when the first hot hatch was released, that was the original A45 by Mercedes-AMG, carrying a hand-built 2.0 liter M133 turbo mill. It was then then most powerful series production four-cylinder in the world, producing 360 horsepower. And ever since then, a power war had begun.

Just a year later, Audi released its RS3 with its 2.5 liter five-cylinder turbo, yielding 367 horsepower, taking the A45’s spotlight. But soon enough, Mercedes-Benz took its crown back with its upgraded 2015 A45, with 381 horses.

Audi Sport and AMG has been competing with one another for the past years, trying to create the craziest hot hatch. Currently, it is the Audi RS3 Sedan with 400 horsepower that reigns.

But wait, CEO of Mercedes-AMG, Tobias Moers just confirmed in an interview with Car Advice that the next-generation A45 AMG will have at least 400 horsepower from it s all-new 2.0-liter engine when it arrives. However, he did not specify when the actual model will be released. In fact, it might take as long as two years. But he promises that it will come with a new and more powerful engine.

Moers also said that “an electric turbine is something we have a close link to” when asked about the engine having an electric turbocharger, similar to the facelifted S-Class’ new 3.0 litre straight six.

The A45 will not be around until 2019, so he cannot provide much specifications on the model yet. But with all confidence, Moers said that the German Performance division of Mercedes cannot give an advantage to its competitors, “but [they] do need to be over 300 kilowatts (402 horsepower) - thats the new standard”, he added.

The new Concept A that was unveiled not so long ago at the Auto Shanghai will the the inspiration of the next generation A-Class in terms of styling and design elements, beyond its powerful range topping model.

Furthermore, the 4Matic all-wheel drive system could feature elements from the fully-variable 4Matic+ system on the new E63. But Moers said that it isn’t that simple to scale the 4Matic technology down from the E-Class to the A-Class.

A fleet of (what seemed like) the next generation A-Class was recently spotted on a rainy day in Germany, near a Mercedes factory, as they test the cars on wet roads. And according to spy shots, the 2019 A-Class will increase in size due to its lengthened wheelbase. The A-Class will also receive two large displays similar to the S-Class and E-Class

Hopefully, we will see the A-Class at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show this September.

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