Nissan announces three year servicing for the GT-R supercar

Article by Christian A., on June 1, 2011

Maintenance expenses for a supercar aren’t cheap but Nissan has recently launched an offer for the 2011 version GT-R that significantly lightens the burden. For a limited period, Nissan is offering a three-year servicing plan and three years RAC cover. The free offer of the servicing plan is integrated when buying a GT-R via Nissan’s own personal contract plan (PCP) named Preferences.

If the car owner opts for a different type of financing or if he or she already has a 2011 GT-R, then the servicing plan can be bought for a very affordable fee of £499.

The Nissan servicing plan is applicable only to the 2011 version of the GT-R and it covers the equivalent mileage of 27,000 or a three-year period.

This policy fully covers all labor, parts, oils and fluids needed for a Nissan High Performance Centre to perform the routine maintenance. There are 19 Nissan High Performance Centres throughout the UK.

All of the centers are specially trained and equipped to provide various services for the Nissan sports car range. These centers are also the sole suppliers of the GT-R. For more details, you may go to or you may go to the dealer near you.

For the 2011 model year, Nissan developed the GT-R under the theme “World's best multi-performance and pleasure of responsive driving.” Indeed, the updated stunning exterior of the new Nissan GT-R does not only convey power and stability but also reveals the supercar’s enhanced aerodynamics. Of course, as expected, the new GT-R features a sporty interior.

The body of the new Nissan GT-R has been designed to be responsive, thanks to the fact the left and right struts have been linked by a rigid yet lightweight strut bar made from carbon composite with an aluminum honeycomb. This allows for enhanced reception of suspension input, resulting to better responsiveness.

Nissan also fitted another support member in the passenger's side dash panel. The connection with the engine compartment results to enhanced chassis rigidity and responsiveness. On the other hand, Nissan tweaked the spring, shock absorber and the stabilizer of front suspension, allowing the tire to have better vertical load response. Moreover, Nissan increased the front caster angle 5 degrees 35 to 6 degrees 00 to further enhance the tire’s road-holding ability during steering as well as its stability when moving in a straight line.

The Japanese carmaker likewise tweaked the performance of the rear suspension toe by lowering the roll center height, thereby enhancing the grip of the tires’ inside edge during maneuvers. Now, the latest version of the Nissan GT-R is specified with a newly developed aluminum free-piston shock absorber, which could provide a more precise damping force. This means a better road-holding stability as well as an input-responsive load shift.

With reduced shock absorber friction, the new Nissan GT-R is able to provide its occupant a comfortable and smooth ride. Compared to the previous model, the new Nissan GT-R now has larger diameter front brake discs, which are now more resistant to fade when used at high temperature. In terms of generated power, the engine of the Nissan GT-R has been tuned to provide more max output to 530PS (390KW) at 6,400rpm, as well as peak torque of 612Nm available between 3,200 rpm and 6,000rpm.

To convey this increase in performance, the engine cover has been finished in red. Aside from making the engine develop more output, Nissan was also able to make it emit less harmful emissions – by employing an ultra-low precious metal catalyst and an engine control module with high-capacity microprocessors.

Not only that, the Japanese carmaker enhanced the GT-R’s fuel economy by tweaking the boost pressure of the turbocharger, air mixture ratio and valve timing as well as by installing a modified exhaust system and larger diameter inlet pipes. Nissan has replaced the Snow Mode with the SAVE function, which could optimize driving torque and change the gearshift schedule to enhance fuel efficiency when cruising on open roads motorways.

This new function, interestingly, still features a number of elements from the Snow Mode. Drivers could choose to optimize the GTR’s standstill acceleration by activating the R mode. To do so, the R mode must be selected and the brake must be depressed while still in gear.

Then, full throttle must be applied and the brake must be released as soon as possible. Incredibly, the system will monitor oil temperatures to ensure reliability, and will prevent further use should it get hotter than what is allowed. The 2011 Nissan GT-R could now turn on tight corners at slow speeds thanks to a new mode that could briefly transform the supercar to the two-wheel-drive unit, as long as the vehicle is moving below 6 mph and the steering wheel is turned more than halfway.

Press Release


The running costs of a super car has now become substantially more affordable thanks to Nissan offering a three year servicing plan, along with three years RAC cover, for the 2011 version GT-R.

The free offer of the servicing plan is included when purchasing a GT-R through Nissan’s own personal contract plan (PCP) known as Preferences. Should you choose to finance your car any other way, or indeed you already have a 2011 GT-R, then the servicing plan can be purchased for a low cost payment of just £499.

The Nissan servicing plan only applies to the 2011 version of the GT-R and covers a three year period or up to the equivalent mileage of 27,000. All labour, parts, oils and fluids required to carry out the routine maintenance, by a Nissan High Performance Centre, are fully covered by the policy.

All Nissan High Performance Centres are specially trained and equipped to look after the Nissan sports car range and are sole suppliers of the GT-R. With 19 of them located across the UK you will not have to travel too far to experience their expertise.

This offer is for a limited period of time and further details can be obtained from any of the NHPC’s. Location of your nearest dealer can be found on

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