Nissan wants your car colour to match your personality

Article by Christian A., on September 24, 2017

What is your favourite colour? Is your car finished in the colour that reflects your personality? Nissan recently did a study about the correlation between the colour of a person’s car and their personality, and they say that you should care more about the colour of your car.

Nissan conducted a poll around Europe about car colours and choices, and they found that 86 percent of those who took the poll own a car that is painted in the absolute wrong colour for the kind of personality they have. And they are dead serious about this.

Now, you are probably wondering why Nissan would randomly decide to want to know everyone’s taste in car colours. Well, this study was conducted by them so they could promote the fact that Nissan Micra buyers can customize their new hatchback and choose from a wide array of colours that are available. Currently, customers can pick from 10 different exterior liveries that all stand out - from a bright and alive Energy Orange to an electrifying Pulse Green. And that’s not all they have to offer. Nissan’s personalization program lets customers add more detail to the car with options like contrasting shades to both the exterior and interior parts.

So if people are just less conservative and consider getting colours that actually match their personalities, what sort of hues would we be seeing on the streets? Wouldn’t traffic look way more vibrant? Nissan received 5,000 responses for their survey throughout Europe, and they found that two-thirds of the population selected more neutral colours like silver, gray, or black when they purchased their vehicles. But the survey consisted of questions that revealed their personality. The Japanese automaker found that majority of these people should actually be driving a car of a different colour. So instead of sticking to the norm, they should perhaps get something bright with more energy.

Nissan did not specify what sort of personality questions were asked. But they do have a new Facebook Chatbot you can visit, which will ask you quite unusual questions such as whether you are more like a dog or a cheetah. After taking your answers, the Chatbot will tell you which colour would fit you best when you get yourself a new Nissan Micra. Cool, isn’t it? This is a smart and fun advertising strategy for Nissan to really get involved with their customers. You might want to check it out now.

After reading this, have you thought about what you want for yourself? What is your personality like, and does the current colour of your car reflect your personality? If not, what colour would you go for?

Press Release

86% driving wrong-coloured car for their personality, Nissan reveals.

More than 8/10 motorists* are driving the wrong car colour for their personality
Vibrant shades should be top choices, not conservative colours such as black, silver and grey
Research reveals despite more personalisation options than ever before, over half of drivers play it safe with neutral choices
Nissan creates Facebook Chatbot to help consumers find the perfect colour match for them
Take the test here:

PARIS (September 21, 2017) – The vast majority of drivers are in the wrong-coloured car for their personality. That’s the surprise finding of a pan-European study by Nissan, which reveals a staggering 86% of those polled made an incorrect choice in the showroom.

The research found that even though there are now more vibrant exterior colours and personalisation options than ever before, car buyers are still too conservative when it comes to picking paint.

The study was carried out by Nissan to celebrate the personalisation options on the all-new Micra hatchback. It found approximately a third of those surveyed should have opted for more striking shades like orange instead of traditional grey and black, based on their personality type.

To help consumers, Nissan has turned to technology and developed an innovative Chatbot in conjunction with acclaimed colour psychologist Karen Haller. Delivered via Facebook, it determines the user’s personality and presents the perfect Micra colour match for them. Click here to take the test.

Both the research and Chatbot were developed using Karen’s expertise in the field of colour psychology. With more than 20 years’ experience, she has worked with many global brands to understand the colour choices consumers make.

The all-new Nissan Micra is a car that’s perfect for consumers seeking to express bold colour choices. It’s available in 10 bold exterior colours, including the vibrant Energy Orange and Pulse Green. The personalisation program allows for contrasting shades to be added to the bumpers, doors, wheels and door mirrors. In addition, elements of the seat, door trim and dashboard can be modified with interior personalisation.

On sale since March this year, approximately 22% of Micra customers are personalising their car – more than originally forecast. Affordability has been key to demand, with customers spending on average just €400 to get the personalised design they want.

For the research, bespoke questions were devised to quantify an individual’s personality through analysis of their behaviour and preferences. This technique is commonly used to indicate a person’s primary personality, for example, as part of the screening process during job interviews.

The findings include:

- 86% have chosen the wrong-coloured car for their personality type

- Approximately two-thirds went for more traditional / conservative colours

- 38% are currently driving a grey or black vehicle

- 53% claimed colour had impacted their vehicle choice

- Of those, more than half claimed to have selected their favourite colour

Based on the 5,000 responses across Europe, high-energy colours such as orange should top the table. These signify energetic, fun and optimistic traits within someone’s personality.

Karen commented: “Social factors come into play with colour choice. For example, in times of economic uncertainty, it’s common for people to play it safe and pick a car with a neutral palette – such as black, white or grey. So I’m not surprised that two-thirds of motorists are driving more conservative shades.”

Karen continued: “Often colour choices are based around aspirations and black is often seen as an aspirational colour, associated with high-end technologies and innovative brands. It may be that far from playing it safe, they are choosing what they perceive as the finer things in life.”

Human response to colour goes right back to early childhood. It is not always determined by symbolism or an association, but by in-built ‘hard wiring’ over which we have no control.

People react to colour in different ways, and with psychometric analysis an expert such as Karen Haller can understand the relationship between personality types and colour association.

Priyanka Gaitonde, a Senior Colour Designer at Nissan Design Europe, commented: “The design priority for the all-new Nissan Micra from the very beginning was to put the customer at the heart of the vehicle. The new Chatbot is an innovative way of extending what we set out to do in the design studio, to guide customers on the colours most suitable to them.”


Source: Nissan

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