Nissan Leaf priced under 30,000 euros in Europe

Article by Christian A., on August 27, 2010

Nissan announced the European price for its new Leaf electric car which will be less than 30,000 euros after incentives. Already receiving orders which are bigger than the capacity of the factory, the Leaf is the most daring car in Nissan's history.

Nissan-Renault alliance has invested more than 4 billion euros in electric vehicles and together, the manufacturers hope to the French-Japanese alliance partners past Toyota Motor Corp. as the world leader in environmentally friendly cars.

Those who want to order the Nissan Leaf have to know that these will start in July in the UK, Netherlands, Ireland and Portugal and the car will make its European showroom debut in December. Regarding U.S. buyers, the manufacturer already started taking reservations and the starting price is $32,780 before a $7,500 federal tax credit.

Interested buyers in the United Kingdom could avail of the new Nissan LEAF, including the battery, at just GBP28,350 (EUR33,353), sans government incentives. The UK government has declared it will refund 25 percent of the purchase price of a pure electric vehicle – that includes the Nissan Leaf – with a GBP5,000 limit.

Once UK government incentives are credited, the Nissan LEAF would have a price of GBP23,350 (EUR27,471). Nissan will commence sales of the Nissan LEAF in the UK in February 2011. Further incentives await those who purchase the Leaf in the UK, thereby further defraying the costs while encouraging consumers to avail of the EV.

For instance, customers could benefit from the zero vehicle excise duty and zero company car tax for five years. Moreover, customers could save an average of EUR600 (GBP513) in annual fuel costs, compared to a conventional car, making the Nissan LEAF a very good deal to strike.

In the Republic of Ireland, the purchase price, after EUR5,000 in government incentives, is EUR29,995 (GBP25,637). Moreover, buyers won't have to pay for vehicle registration tax, which could reach EUR3,800 on a C-segment car. Nissan is bound to start sales of the EV in Ireland in February next year.

In the Netherlands, the Nissan LEAF could be purchased at EUR32,839 (GBP28,068 Pounds). Instead of making refunds, subsidies for the LEAF in the Netherlands come in the form of zero vehicle registration and road taxes – giving private car owners around EUR6,000 and company car owners EUR19,000 in tax savings over five years.

Nissan will commence selling the LEAF in the Netherlands in December. In Portugal, the Nissan Leaf can be bought for EUR29,955 (GBP25,603), once EUR5,000 in government incentives are taken into account. Furthermore, owners of the Nissan LEAF in the country are exempted from paying road tax.

Sales of the LEAF in Portugal will commence in December. Nissan decided to launch sales of the Nissan LEAF in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and Portugal since these countries offer incentives for electric cars, and because there is an ongoing development of charging infrastructure. Nissan plans to introduce the LEAF in every major country in Western Europe country by the end of next year.

Press Release


Nissan International SA today announced that the all-electric Nissan LEAF will be priced at under 30,000 Euros (25,641 Pounds) after incentives in most of its European launch markets - about the same as a comparably equipped diesel or hybrid vehicle.

The company also announced specific prices for the UK, Netherlands, Republic of Ireland and Portugal, the four initial European launch markets for the Nissan LEAF. Reservations will begin in July.

The Nissan LEAF is a compact, zero-emission five-passenger family car that comes fully equipped with features such as air conditioning, satellite navigation, a parking camera, a quick charge socket and innovative smart-phone connectivity.

"Nissan leads the industry by being the first automaker to offer an affordable zero-emission car. It's a pure electric vehicle, with no tailpipe emissions and very low running costs. Nissan LEAF may look similar to a compact family car, but its smoothness, acceleration and handling will surprise and impress drivers and passengers alike," said Simon Thomas, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Nissan International SA.

In the United Kingdom, the purchase price of the Nissan LEAF would be 23,350 Pounds (27,471 Euros) after government incentives. The price, which includes the battery, is 28,350 Pounds (33,353 Euros) before incentives. The UK government recently announced that it will refund 25 percent of the purchase price of a pure electric vehicle, up to a limit of 5,000 Pounds. The Nissan LEAF goes on sale in the UK in February 2011.

An array of other incentives can further defray the costs and increase the benefits of owning the Nissan LEAF. In the UK, EV customers benefit from advantages including zero vehicle excise duty and zero company car tax for five years. This, combined with significant savings in fuel costs of about 600 Euros (513 Pounds) on average annually in Europe versus a traditional car, makes the Nissan LEAF an affordable and compelling proposition.

The purchase price in the Netherlands will be 32,839 Euros (28,068 Pounds). Here, subsidies will take the form of zero vehicle registration and road taxes, resulting in tax savings of 6,000 Euros for private car owners and 19,000 Euros for company car owners over five years. Sales in the Netherlands begin this December.

The price in the Republic of Ireland is 29,995 Euros (25,637 Pounds) after 5,000 Euros in government incentives. Buyers will be exempt from vehicle registration tax, which can amount to as much as 3,800 Euros on a C-segment car. Sales in Ireland begin in February next year.

The price in Portugal is 29,955 Euros (25,603 Pounds) after 5,000 Euros in government incentives. Portuguese customers owning the Nissan LEAF benefit from road tax exemption. Sales in Portugal begin this December.

Nissan has decided to launch in these countries first due to significant government incentives for electric cars, and the ongoing development of charging infrastructure for their successful adoption. By the end of next year, Nissan LEAF will be available in every major Western European country.

"The Renault-Nissan Alliance is investing over four billion Euros to lead the auto industry in electric vehicles, with eight products across three brands," said Simon Thomas. "This investment includes five battery plants and seven confirmed assembly plants, including Sunderland in the UK. This reflects the strong commitment the alliance has made to electric vehicles and our determination to lead the market."

To ensure a place in line when Nissan begins taking reservations in the four initial markets, customers in those countries should pre-register on their local Nissan consumer website.*

In addition to purchasing the car outright, customers will also be able to buy the car on a Nissan finance plan. Details of the all-inclusive acquisition method will also be released in July.

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