Nissan reaches 50,000 LEAF sales milestone in the US

Article by Christian A., on May 28, 2014

Finally, 50,000 Nissan LEAFs has been sold in the United States, making the nameplate the first pure electric vehicle to achieve the milestone in the country. The 50,000th leaf were purchased by Dallas residents Todd and Lisa Bolt, with the family taking the delivery of their black LEAF SL this month at AutoNation Nissan of Lewisville.

The city of Dallas as well as the state of Texas has been becoming a hot beds for the Nissan LEAF, thanks to owner advocates and strong public charging infrastructure, as well as to the carmaker’s free charging promotion.

For the first four months of 2014, Nissan saw sales of the LEAF surged by around 50 percent in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex compared to the same period last year. Nissan is expected to post further growth in LEAF sales in the area thanks partly to a new state tax rebate of up to $2,500 on the purchase or lease of a new unit.

Todd Bolt said that aside from being impressed by the fact that they don’t have to buy gas to fuel their LEAF, they are also impressed with how well the LEAF drives. He remarked that their family and friends were surprised that the LEAF is “so quiet and rides so well.”

He noted that the LEAF does everything the family need day-to-day, adding that considering the savings they gained from it, “I don't know why we'd buy another gas car." The LEAF fever caught at Gateway Church, where Todd is a pastor. In fact, an executive pastor also decided to buy a Nissan LEAF.

Currently, over 20 employees of the church are proud owners of Nissan LEAFs, even jokingly referring to themselves as the "Blessed LEAFs Club."

Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston are two of the 10 launch markets for Nissan’s "No Charge to Charge" promotion that provides two years of free public charging to new LEAF buyers who purchased their units after April 1, 2014.

Nissan has already sold almost 115,000 LEAFs globally since launching the EV, making it best-selling electric vehicle in the world. Nissan LEAF has a starting price of less than $30,000.

Harnessing a maximum power output of over 90Kw from its laminated compact lithium-ion batteries, plus another 80kW/280Nm from its electric motor, the new Nissan LEAF electric car offers a highly responsive, enjoyable driving experience. Furthermore, the LEAF is sufficiently powered which will give demanding customers the assurance of a highly responsive electric motor, thus meeting the expectations of prospective customers who are used to the traditional power, pull and responsiveness of gasoline-fed vehicles.

Being an electric vehicle, the Nissan LEAF powertrain has no CO2 or other greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, Nissan LEAF’s ingenious regenerative braking system, which recharges its batteries with every step on the brake pedal, together with its revolutionary lithium-ion battery packs, gives the LEAF a total range of more than 160 kilometers (100 miles) on a single charge of its lithium-ion batteries.

It is interesting to note that the extended range being offered by the Nissan LEAF meets the expectations of over 70% of the world’s car-driving population, based on a thorough and exhaustive global consumer research.

As to battery recharging, the Nissan LEAF boasts of an easy and hassle-free recharging, with the use of a quick charger unit which can recharge the lithium-ion batteries to 80% of its power capacity in just 30 minutes! The LEAF can also be charged at home using a regular 200V house outlet, and takes approximately eight hours to fully charge, also the same amount of time the car owner will consume “recharging” himself with a well-deserved overnight sleep.


With its dream of a zero-emission future for the automobile industry, the Nissan design team worked with utmost fervor to produce a well-priced car that would be the key to Nissan leading the global car market towards a truly realizable zero-emission future. Aside from its promise for a zero-emission vehicle, Nissan also focused on similarly important aspects, such as comfort, practicality and convenience. Nissan achieved these other aspects by completely reconfiguring its chassis and overall body layout.

Masato Inoue, Product Chief Engineer of Nissan proudly related how determined they were to make the Nissan LEAF the world’s first reasonably-priced, medium-size electric vehicle which is suitable for everyday use. And with the obvious success of the LEAF, Masato Inoue explained that every owner of the LEAF will become a responsible contributor to the optimistic aspiration for an era of global zero-emission mobility.

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