Nissan still wants to develop a next-generation 240SX to take on the Subaru BRZ

Article by Christian A., on November 26, 2012

It’s rumored that Nissan wants to reassert its supremacy when it comes to building sports cars by developing a next-generation 240SX that would easily beat Subaru’s BRZ and Scion’s FR-S from Toyota. Nissan has been known for having built the finest sports cars in the world for many years now.

The 370Z and the GT-R have both gained acclaim for their performance and their relatively low price so Nissan now sees the need to offer a real sports car that costs under $30,000. Nissan hasn’t had a competitive entry in this segment ever since the 240SX halted production.

Even so, the 240 America didn’t offer the same impressive performance as the one sold in Japan. It’s also believed that Nissan will use the platform that’s also used by the 370Z.

It will also be equipped with either a turbocharged or supercharged 4-cylinder engine. But considering what Nissan has done in the past, it’s rather unlikely that it would supercharge the new 240SX model.

Sources say that Nissan is choosing between two different powerplants. One is based on either the Juke’s turbocharged 1.6-liter while the other is a Mercedes-Benz-sourced 1.8-liter.

Any of the two engines can easily deliver 200 hp or higher, making it remain competitive with the BRZ/FRS twins. Nissan hasn’t officially confirmed any plans to build an entry-level sports car but it won’t be a surprise if the 240SX came back.

Having a Boxer engine that is able to be mounted in a lower position, the Subaru BRZ puts this on a sub-frame specifically designed to result in what is called ultra-low center of gravity package. Because of this configuration, the BRZ is able to get that low driving position that people generally expect from a sports car. Despite having a low body, this rather stylish coupe has overall height of 1,300 mm with width measured at 1,775 mm.

Even with these dimensions, the BRZ ensures 2+2 seating and even offers enough space for its trunk. Simply put, the BRZ is not merely a sports car but given its surprising utility, it can also be used for those long travels.

In terms of concept, the BRZ follows what is known as “Pure Handling Delight.” The Horizontally-Opposed Boxer engine for example has a low center of gravity, is compact, and even lightweight. With the engine being placed not only lower but even nearer to the middle of the vehicle’s chassis, it meant that the qualities mentioned previously are all maximized.

Indeed, the combination of a lightweight chassis and low center of gravity gives it that exceptional handling character to guarantee “Pure Handling Delight” and therefore take driving experience to new heights. The BRZ will also be the first ever sports car having a rear-wheel drive to be equipped with the Horizontally-Opposed Boxer. This engine was made by Toyota Motor Corporation, in collaboration with Subaru.

The goal of the partnership was to release a sports car that showed excellent steering response while at the same offer driving pleasure that anyone can easily experience.

Given that when compared to other Subaru models the engine inside the BRZ is even lower, it makes this model have the lowest center of gravity ever in the market. No question that the Subaru BRZ is a sports car that everyone can enjoy driving while having peace of mind.

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