People with lots of money investing in Rolls-Royce luxury cars

Article by Christian A., on October 17, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen we have the solution if you have too much money and don’t know how to invest them: luxury cars! That’s right folks, it appears that people with lots of money are investing in Rolls-Royce luxury cars, according to CEO Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes said. Thanks to these buyers, Rolls-Royce has full order books and is operating three shifts at its factory in Goodwood. And to make things even more interesting it seems that Rolls-Royce is not planning to add cheaper models.

The 250,000 euros is the cheapest Rolls-Royce! Still, the British manufacturer doesn’t plan models with prices that could exceed 1 million euros.

But, there are good news as Rolls-Royce will expand its lineup with a coupe version of the Ghost but also a convertible. "We have many ideas, but are in no hurry. It might be a coupe, it might be a convertible or something else entirely," Mueller-Oetvoes said.

According to BMW, owner of Rolls-Royce, sales are quite impressive: a record 2,711 vehicles in 2010, while a new record is expected for 2011. "We will we continue to grow steadily but we do not have a volume strategy. For example, we have no long term plans for sales in five figures." said Mueller-Oetvoes.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has already made a number of models but their latest is likely their most powerful. The Rolls-Royce Ghost comes in an elegant yet cosseting manner that some have claimed to cause the pulse to drop instead of increase it.

This is because while it has the power the brand is known for, it distributed this in a different manner unlike other cars. Indeed, this notion of simplicity is not limited to the design but also emcompasses its performance.

Fitted inside it are a number of intricate technologies and engineering software that is aimed at ensuring that each drive is more enjoyable and easier rather than confusing or interfering. Compared to the previous models made by the brand, the Ghost is the one that puts more focus on the driver.

What this means is that the position of the driver behind the steering wheel is elevated a bit more and thus gives the driver a position of authority. This position is also beneficial as it can give the driver a better look at the road.

Although the fascia is indeed clear, the design is able to offer space and even has a layout that is intuitive. The controls have been sculpted neatly and to make the important functions easier to access, they are highlighted with chrome accents. Its steering wheel comes with a black rim and this is where the soft light that comes from the instrument panel passes through.

On the steering wheel are placed the ergonomic roller-ball control and the different violin keys. In order to keep everything clear, the display for the control center is hidden at the back of a veneered panel and will only come out when needed.

All of the data obtained from the entertainment system, communication, telephone, and satellite navigation are displayed there. All of them are operated through the use of a central rotary controller and on its sides are the quick-access buttons that are on its front centre console. As mentioned, there are a number of features that aid the driver and while these various technologies and driver assistance systems are offered as an option, all are celebrated for their ease of use.

One feature for example is the Comfort Entry which allows for an easy access and detects if the driver is approaching the car. Once the chromed handle is griped and the key fob is at least 1.5 meters, the doors are immediately unlocked. Once the driver is inside the car, the voice control features allow the driver to choose from the menu of the control systems, all without the need for the central controller.

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