Pininfarina to build the Ferrari Sergio Concept, sell it for 3 million euros

Article by Christian A., on March 18, 2013

Italian design house Pininfarina is considering a plan to build just five or six units of the Sergio Concept, with each being priced at around 3 million euros. At the Geneva Auto Show where Pininfarina presented this car, its CEO Silvio Angori told Automotive News Europe about this possibility. The stunning Sergio is built using the same underpinnings as the Ferrari 458 Spider.

This concept is regarded as a barchetta since it doesn’t have a windshield or side windows. This is a problem since under homologation rules in Europe, those who drive a car with no windshield have to wear a helmet.

Pininfarina chief designer Fabio Filippini told Automotive News Europe that for the Sergio to have more appeal, it has several extreme design details like the height of the rollbar, which serves as a rear spoiler too, as well as the width of the air intakes for the engine bay. Filippini said they know how to tweak the Sergio concept car so that it could become a “compliant, street-legal model."

He said that a small windshield may be added for buyers who choose to drive without a helmet. This concept car is meant to pay homage to Sergio Pininfarina, its chairman and CEO, who passed away last July at the age of 85. The entire team collaborated on this concept for four months, according to Paolo Pininfarina, Sergio's son and current company chairman.

Ferrari Sergio is distinguished by its clear and simple style. Its proportions are pushed to the extreme and its dynamic front volume penetrates into its rear, which is projected forward. Meanwhile, it also has a sculpted, 3D interpretation of the usual barchetta. The design is guided by the composition of its two body masses via longitudinal black insert. Also, two volumes enfold from the outside to the inside, creating a division or a union line between the front and the back.

Moreover, the Sergio expresses an iconicity that is linked to the 60s Ferraris and sports bulging, sensual wings that are inspired by racing and sports cars of that era. This is achieved by compacting the volume accessories. Additionally, the Sergio’s extreme lightness – which makes it appear like it’s floating with its front up – directly resulted from aerodynamic research. And in pure traditional Pininfarina fashion, the Sergio’s design integrates aesthetics and functionality. What’s more, the front’s semi-floating development, together with the spoiler underneath, expresses an aesthetic force as well as a functional character for stable aerodynamic load and heat exchange.

Furthermore, the aerodynamic deflector in the cockpit’s front creates a virtual windscreen by diverting the air flow, thus protecting passengers from turbulence. The vehicle’s roll bar, which was designed as wing surface, is tuned perfectly to the flow’s evolution from the front, adding a down force effect. The rear nolder, as well as the extractor, effectively and functionally closes the design. Additionally, even the vehicle’s rear-view mirror is taking on a fluid form, which helps divert air from passengers’ heads.

And to enhance the Pininfarina style criterion’s formal purity, all technical aspects of the Sergio, including fins, air intake holes, and handles, are concentrated in the body’s dark parts, leaving the red-painted portions free.

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