Extremely rare Porsche 964 Turbo ‘Flatnose’ is for sale

Article by Christian A., on May 18, 2016

While there are indeed rare Porsche 911s, the 964 Turbo ‘Flatnose’ is another story. There are only 12 right-hand versions of this vehicle ever made and now Hexagon Modern Classics will be making one available for purchase. It was back in 1993 when the 964 Turbo ‘Flatnose’ first came off the production line.

At this time, the brand made the final and limited special series of then 76 Department-built Exclusive Turbo Flachbau (‘Flatnose’) vehicles. The body package of the X84 includes the pop-up headlights and front wings based on the 968. Its front spoilers have been improved to incorporate air intakes that help cooling while the housing of the rear wheels contain air shafts similar to the 959. Aside from the X84 body package, the brand is also offering the improved X88 engine package.

Its 6-cylinder flat 3.6-liter engine delivers 385 bhp, and is the same one in the Turbo S. In particular, the package has the 4-pipe exhaust system, an extra cooler, inlet manifolds and intermediate flanges, cylinder heads, valve timing, modified camshafts, and larger turbocharger. The model being displayed currently at the new flagship showroom of Hexagon located in Finchley offers the X84 package and the X88 package.

This ‘Flatnose’ comes in a metallic black color with the black leather interior. It has been part of a private collection and has managed to traverse 630 miles. This particular model is only being offered for sale now. Hexagon Classics Chairman Paul Michaels said that only a few customers were given the chance to purchase ‘Flatnose’ models and these were never publicized as most of them occurred under the counter, so to speak.

The version being offered is likely the nearest thing there is to a new Porsche 964 Turbo, he added, and can also be said as the most important time-warp and rarest Porsche the company has ever offered for sale. It is indeed a true collector’s item, Chairman Michaels continued. The business was started by Chairman Michaels in 1963. Beginning as a small mews located in North London, Hexagon became known for its passion about racing cars and road cars as well.

The company later became the official dealer of many prestigious brands worldwide. It carries brands that include, among others, Alfa Romeo, Lotus, Porsche, and Reliant. In fact, it has been the leading BMW dealer in London for more than 45 years now. At this period, the company was also dedicated to car racing. Hexagon starting by racing D-Type Jaguars, the Formula 5000 and even the Formula One during 1973/74.

During this time, they were represented by the Brabham BT44, which was driven by John Watson and resulted to a 4th place finish in Austria, getting around six points during the season. Still, racing continued to be a passion especially as it puts emphasis on history. Proof of this is the purchase of a 1987 Porsche 962, which then participated twice at the Le Mans and achieved a 4th and 8th place finish.

Considered as one of the world’s most original examples, it can be viewed at the East Finchley Modern Classics showroom. However as the classic market remains to thrive, it chose to expand to more modern classic models.

Paul Michaels, the company chairman, leads the team composed of Jonathan Franklin for the modern classic division and Jonathan Kaiser for the classic’s division. The entire team took advantage of the number of years of knowledge to produce the best vehicle. As a result of its wide reach across the world as well as its contacts, the company knows where to get a vehicle if it’s not currently in stock. A full and detailed inspection is then taken before it is offered to customers.

Press Release


here are rare Porsche 911s and there is the 964 Turbo ‘Flatnose’: Hexagon Modern Classics is proud to announce it is now offering for sale one of just 12 right-hand-drive ‘Flatnose’ models ever made.

In August 1993, as the very last 964 models were coming off the production line, Porsche produced a final and limited special series of 76 Exclusive Department-built Turbo Flachbau (‘Flatnose’) vehicles.

The X84 body package included front wings and pop-up headlights derived from the 968, while the modified front spoilers also had air intakes for cooling and the rear wheel housings had air intake shafts similar to those of the 959.

As well as the X84 body package Porsche also made the enhanced X88 engine package available too. The same 385bhp 3.6-litre flat six-cylinder engine as the Turbo S, it features an enlarged turbocharger, modified camshafts, valve timing, cylinder heads, inlet manifolds and intermediate flanges, an extra oil cooler and four-pipe exhaust system.

The car at Hexagon’s new flagship Finchley showroom features both the X84 and X88 packages. Painted metallic black with black leather interior, it has covered just 630 miles having been part of a private collection for many years. Until now, it has never been offered for sale.

Paul Michaels, chairman of Hexagon Classics, said: “At the time, only a select few were offered the ‘Flatnose’ models – they weren’t publicised, they were almost ‘under the counter’. Not only is this incredible 964 possibly the nearest thing to a brand-new Porsche 964 Turbo, it is also one of the rarest and most important time-warp Porsches we’ve ever had the pleasure of offering for sale. A true collectors’ item.”

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